Why I left YU, and Why I’m Writing About It Now

Published: January-04-2017       Author: Joshua Tranen

I started writing a version of this essay two years ago, during my final semester in Yeshiva College. My final semester, but I wasn’t graduating; I had spent the better half of the year filling out college transfer applications and now, as winter turned to spring, acceptance notices began appearing in my email inbox. That I was leaving Yeshiva College was not a secret. From the first day of the academic year, I told everyone who would listen—friends, professors, my... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Rachel Mesch

Published: January-03-2017       Author: Rachel Mesch

To the Editor, I am dismayed by the discussion of transgender issues in response to Ben Shapiro’s talk on the YC campus, and in particular by the language being used. With the term “transgenderism” Shapiro takes up the vocabulary of those who wish to cast doubt on the real, difficult choices faced by those assigned a gender at birth that does not match their own innate sense of who they are. “Transgenderism” is not an ideology, like feminism or socialism,... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Alexander Chester

Published: January-03-2017       Author: Alexander Chester

To the Editor, I’m a proud supporter and former student of YU (and also a graduate of MTA). But YU’s new advertising campaign is embarrassing. The campaign (see attached) makes three claims about other universities: Their sports teams play on Shabbat. Many have exams on holidays. And “other schools support BDS on campus.” Each of these is more preposterous and embarrassing than its predecessor. First, does YU really want to be comparing its athletics program to that of other schools... Read more

The Futility of Atheistic Belief: How Freud Proves that God Must Exist

Published: January-03-2017       Author: Aryeh Schonbrun

Today’s society presents a challenge for us Modern Orthodox Jews. When encountering the world today, the religious Jew faces the inevitable challenge of standing firm in his belief, loyal to his ancestral tradition, while not unnecessarily ensconcing himself in comfortable ignorance. It was the midst of this conflict that I found myself as an adolescent, and, in many ways, the quest for reliable truths and theological certainty has partly defined my young adult life. However, I am certainly not alone... Read more

The YU Republicans, Proudly Pro-(School) Choice

Published: January-03-2017       Author: David Mehl and the Board of the College Republicans

Let’s try a little thought experiment. You have just been chosen to be superintendent of California’s public schools. (Your lack of qualifications is not an issue in an age in which Dr. Ben Carson is eligible to be Secretary of HUD.) You will oversee some 275,000 tenured teachers. Some of them are great; others merely average. A few are terrible – an independent study suggests that between 1 and 3 percent of them (2,750 to 8,250) are ‘grossly ineffective,’ a... Read more

What is a Mental Illness?

Published: January-03-2017       Author: Benjamin Koslowe

I’d like to briefly, though also hopefully clearly and thoroughly, address a specific but significant issue that has been on my mind since Ben Shapiro’s speech at YU a few weeks ago. This matter, which was tangentially referenced in Doron Levine’s recent editorial, struck me as obvious at first, but it became clear to me after several conversations that it is far from clear. Before I lay out my claim, I ask the reader to please consider my arguments carefully.... Read more

Are Survey Courses Outdated?

Published: January-03-2017       Author: Yisroel Ben-Porat

Every YC student is required to take a survey course, which is a broad introduction to a field of study. The Jewish studies requirements include at least one survey course on classical, medieval, or modern Jewish history. Many majors – such as psychology, sociology, and political science – require at least one introductory course. The history department especially relies upon survey courses, requiring two surveys of European history and at least one survey of ancient or modern historiography (in lieu... Read more

A Communication on Communication

Published: January-03-2017       Author: Yair Lichtman

To: IAmAStudentAtYU@mail.yu.edu Subject: Your Facebook Response Dear Stew Dent, I didn’t want to put this on Facebook, because I think that the best discussions happen without the burden of publicity, but I still feel that this would be an important conversation to have. I’ve been thinking a lot about how you replied to my article. I’m glad that you cared enough about my work to respond to it, but I also feel somewhat disrespected and very confused. I’m a decent... Read more

Never Again?

Published: January-03-2017       Author: Avigayil Adouth

Every year growing up, come May, our days became a perpetual shuffle to and from assemblies and speeches. For as long as most of us can remember we have been privileged to hear first-hand from people who suffered atrocities at the hands of the Hitler and the Nazi regime. We attended memorial services, and visited museums, be they in our hometowns, Washington DC, or Israel. I would venture to guess that many of us had the opportunity to travel to... Read more

How Not to Solve Social Issues

Published: January-03-2017       Author: Joey Chesir

In recent years, so-called “social issues” have become prominent in the American news cycle. These issues, which include acts of racism performed against minorities, and incidents of sexism directed at members of opposing genders, have received much media attention and have been cited by politicians, celebrities, journalists and common citizens alike as being highly important. Discussion of social issues increased dramatically in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting in 2012, the shootings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown in... Read more

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