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What YU Loses With Its Open Door Torah Policy
By: Benjamin Koslowe | Editorials  | December 16, 2018
YU’s Academic Integrity: A Ship in Rough Waters
By: Benjamin Koslowe | Editorials  | December 2, 2018
A Pre-Law Advisor Isn’t a Luxury. It’s a Necessity.
By: Benjamin Koslowe | Editorials  | November 11, 2018

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Leaked Survey Results Reveal a Concerned and Dissatisfied Faculty
By: Shoshy Ciment | News  | December 16, 2018
A Comprehensive Analysis of Which Yeshivot and Seminaries YU Students Attend
By: Jacob Rosenfeld | News  | 
Annual YU Hanukkah Dinner Raises Over $5 Million, Over $20 Million Pledged in New Commitments
By: Benjamin Koslowe | News  | 

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A Lingering Silence: My Experience With Mental Illness
By: Chana Weinberg | Opinions  | 
SCDS Steals the Show in “The Game’s Afoot”
By: Matthew Silkin | Opinions  | 
A Safe Space of Our Own
By: Eliyahu Spivack | Opinions  | 

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An Explosive Situation
By: Nathan Hakakian | Business  | 
Bird Taking Flight?
By: Eitan Lavian | Business  | 
Medical Marijuana: The Business Behind The Leaf
By: Avi Lekowsky | Business  | 

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Alge Makes History
By: Chana Weinberg | Features  | 
Israel Is Not a Birthright: Why We Should Stop Investing in American Jewry
By: Aryeh Schonbrun | Features  | 
Bioethics in Practice: FDA Restrictions: How Strict Should They Be?
By: Seth Hirt | Features  |