By: Nissim Farhy  | 

Beren and Wilf Spring 2024 Student Election Results Released

Last week's spring 2024 Beren and Wilf election results were released on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

Voters were able to cast ballots under the new CampusGroups systems, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This year’s election saw an increase in voter turnout from last year with over 550 ballots cast.

In addition to voting for candidates, the Wilf elections allowed students to vote for three proposed amendments to the student constitution. According to the Wilf Constitution, amendments require approval by a three-fifths majority of votes cast, excluding blanks.  

The first amendment, which replaces current class-standing eligibility requirements for certain elected positions, passed with 62.43% of the vote with 575 votes cast. This amendment was added to clarify a problem created in a lawsuit filed during the previous spring 2023 elections, which disqualified candidates retroactively if they failed to receive sufficient credits by graduation day.  

The second amendment both changes the structure of the Yeshiva Student Union (YSU) by creating lower level positions and appointments such as CFO and Director of PR and abolishes other positions, and mandates coordination with counterparts in the Beren Campus Student Government. This amendment passed with 66.36% of the vote and 538 votes cast. 

Finally, the third amendment, which alters the succession rules for the Wilf Campus General Assembly (GA) and provides power to the Office of Student Life in appointing the YSU president under certain circumstances, passed with 65.70% of the vote and 519 votes cast.

Next year’s YSU president will be Samuel Weinberg (YC ‘25), and Beren Campus Student Government (BCSG) president will be Shalhevet Cohen (SCW ‘25). On the Wilf Campus, Uriel Sussman (YC ‘25) and Jacob Mosseri (SSSB ‘26) will be presidents of the Yeshiva College and Sy Syms School of Business Student Councils respectively, and David Kohanchi (YC ‘25) will serve a second term as president of Student Organization of Yeshiva (SOY).

The following is a breakdown of the election results with available vote totals and percentages for the winning candidates. Unlike on Wilf, the Beren Election Committee is not constitutionally obligated to release vote totals or turnout numbers for elections.

Beren Results:

BCSG President - Shalhevet Cohen 

BCSG Vice President - Mijal Gutierrez 

TAC Executive - Aliza Walzman 

VP of Academic Affairs- Chantal Newman

VP of Programming - Sara Lesczynski

VP of Student Organizations - Mikaela Amos

SCW Reps. - Eden Lippe & Talia Feldman

Syms Reps. - Bianca Curitz & Elle Ohayon

Katz Rep. - Mali Shain

Judaics Reps. - Chaviva Meyers & Tamara Yeshurun

Mechina Rep. - Hayley Geiger

International Rep. - Yael Tangir

Wilf Results: 

YSU President

Samuel Weinberg - 483 (87.50%)

YSU Vice President of Clubs

Yisroel Rosner - 224 (45.81%)

Donni Honnig - 211 (43.15%)

YSU Vice President of Class Affairs

Judah Berman - 345 (64.37%)

Dylan Gidanian - 163 (30.41%)

YSU Senior Rep.

Avraham Frohlich - 299 (55.68%)

Dylan Broder- 216 (40.22%)

YSU Junior Class Rep.

Nachshoni Rothenberg - 224 (41.48%)

Steven Galitzer - 145 (26.85%)

Adam Schlossberg - 143 (26.48%)

Katz Rep.

Zevulun Kirshtein - 5 (83.33%)

YCSC President

Uriel Sussman - 110 (35.48%)

Ari Schlacht - 101 (32.58%)

Abraham Horowitz - 95 (30.65%)

YCSC Vice President 

Ruben Prawer - 120 (41.24%)

YCSC Treasurer

Jason Schubert - 238 (94.82%)

SYMSSC President

Jacob Mosseri- 211 (52.36%)

Ezra Wallach - 156 (38.74%)

Justin Eichel - 29 (7.20%)

SYMSSC Vice President

Joel Weinstien - 164 (55.97%)

Jeremy Weiss - 127 (43.34%)

SYMSSC Treasurer

Zachary Klestzick - 166 (50.00%)

Jonathan Thomas - 135 (40.66%)

Elie Aron - 26 (7.83%)

SOY President

David Kohanchi - 508 (92.36%)

SOY Vice President

Noam Mayerfeld - 476 (95.39%)

SOY VP of Chesed

Zachary Srulovich - 455 (94.79%)


Brandon Melamed - 123 (89.78%)


Mark Kuznicki - 32 (55.17%)


Joshua Asaraf - 25 (96.15%)


Yehoshua Pariser - 183 (54.30%)