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After Years of Delays, 16 Handles Opens in Washington Heights

After years of delays, 16 Handles opened in Washington Heights on Sunday, April 28. The frozen yogurt store is located at the corner of W. 185th St. and Audubon Ave. and is certified kosher by the National Kosher Supervision hashgacha.

In Sept. 2018, a 16 Handles official told The Commentator that the store would open in the “very near future.” The chain then informed The Commentator this past January that the store would open its doors in February, and then “hopefully open by the end of March” when the store was still not open at the conclusion of February.

The development of the store began as early as 2016, but delays and other difficulties plagued the establishment until now.

“I never had anything like 16 handles in my community growing up, so I’m super excited to try their frozen yogurt and to see what new food options they bring to Washington Heights”, remarked Ben Freund (SSSB ‘20).

16 Handles Project Manager Sean Gunner stated on Sunday, April 28, “I am happy to report that today is the soft opening of our 16 Handles store in Washington Heights. We are so happy to have our doors open to the community.”

According to a sign posted, the store will be open every day of the week from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. with breakfast hours “coming soon.”

16 Handles and YU have not been in contact about an arrangement that would allow students to use their dining funds at the store, according to YU’s Department of Dining Services.


Photo Caption: 16 Handles is located at the corner of W. 185th St. and Audubon Ave.
Photo Credit: The Commentator