By: Nathan Feifel  | 

No Date for Expected 16 Handles Opening

Anticipation has grown in the recent past about the prospect of a 16 Handles branch opening in the Washington Heights area. The store will be the latest addition to the list of kosher eateries in Washington Heights. Currently, the closest 16 Handles to YU’s Wilf Campus is located on the Upper West Side.

According to the frozen yogurt company’s website, the new store is going to be located at 400 Audobon Avenue, NY 10033. However, when asked about the status of the upcoming store and its expected opening date, 16 Handles’ Community Manager Sean Gunner stated, “At this point, we don't have any new information to share."

Jack Ganchrow, a Syms junior majoring in Marketing, expressed his eagerness for the new location to open. “When I heard 16 Handles was coming to the YU area, I got so excited. It will definitely be a popular spot for friends to hang out. I guess I will have to remain being patient."

Gunner added that he would reach out when new information was confirmed, but that at the moment, there is no update on the anticipated store.