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16 Handles to Open in Washington Heights in the “Very Near Future”

16 Handles, a franchise chain of soft-serve frozen yogurt stores, will be opening a branch in Washington Heights, offering another food option in the vicinity of the Wilf Campus.

More than a year ago, a 16 Handles store was set to open in Washington Heights. The proposed location was 400 Audubon Ave., according to Sean Gunner, a spokesman for 16 Handles. As of April 23, 2017, there had been no updates on the new store. This year, the store is set to open at that site, according to a 16 Handles representative. However, while there is still no projected opening date, chain officials stated that they hope to be open in “the very near future.”

There is currently a 16 Handles location near 3rd Avenue and East 30th Street that students at the Beren Campus frequent. “The 16 Handles offers a social outlet as well as excellent frozen yogurt for the students in Midtown,” said Alyssa Wruble (SCW ‘19). “I am sure it will be the same case uptown.”

The 16 Handles store near Wilf Campus will add a new dairy option to the variety of kosher restaurants around the Wilf Campus providing a dessert or snack option for hungry students. The new store “could add a new social setting to the Heights, that people will be definitely be going there because who can say no to frozen yogurt, and that it will add a lot to the overall atmosphere,” said Josh Aranoff (YC ‘19).


Photo Caption: 16 Handles will be located at the corner of 185th street and Audobon Avenue
Photo Credit: Yossi Zimilover