By: Mijal Gutiérrez  | 

Beren and Wilf Fall Election Results Released

Fall 2023 student government election results for Beren and Wilf campus student governments were released Sept. 20 and 21 respectively.

The Beren elections, held Sept. 14, included races for freshman and sophomore student council representatives. On Wilf, three additional races were held for YSU senior representative, SOY JSS representative and Katz representative, positions not filled in the previous spring elections. Wilf elections took place Sept. 20.   

Elections in Wilf experienced a minor change, as voting was done through CampusGroups rather than through the usual form and took place on a day of virtual instruction. 

The Wilf elections saw a decline in turnout with only 170 total votes cast, including 60 votes for sophomore representative and only 13 votes for JSS Representative. No votes were cast for the Katz representative position.

Unlike Wilf, the Beren student government is not constitutionally bound to release vote totals.

The following are the results:


First Year Representative Post Israel

Talia Sarah Feldman

First Year Representative True Freshman

Elle Deena Ohayon


Freshman Representative

Doron Sedeghat — 9 (40.91%)

Zev Nusbaum — 7 (31.82%)

Sophomore Representative 

 Aryeh Hirt — 34 (56.67%)

 Boaz Kapitanker — 14 (23.33%)

Senior Representative

 Yaakov Baker — 26 (37.68%)

 Yitzchak Stein — 25 (36.23%)

JSS Representative 

Joshua Asaraf — 12 (92.31%)

Katz Representative 

 No votes cast