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Joshua Meredith, Career Center Advisor & Adjunct Syms Professor, Leaves YU After 3 1/2 Years

Joshua Meredith, former director of career advising and technology at the Shevat Glaubach Center for Career Strategy and Professional Development, departed from Yeshiva University after three and half years on Dec. 23. In place of Meredith, Sharon Mella-Reyes has been promoted to Director of Career Strategy Advising.

Meredith is transitioning to a new role at Deloitte, a large business consulting company, as a client relationship executive in their New York State higher education division, where he will work with colleges and universities across New York.

Meredith started at Shevat Glaubach Center, formally known as the Career Center, in the summer of 2019 and began teaching a Sy Syms School of Business class called Ethical and Legal Environment of Business in the fall of 2020, which is required for all students to graduate from the business school. He announced his departure through an email to undergraduate students on Dec. 13.

In the email, Meredith thanked students for the years of appointments, expressed his enjoyment in providing advice to students and directed students seeking advice to other employees of the career center. 

Meredith told The Commentator that his decision to leave was a “very difficult decision,” and that he hopes students remember him as someone who cared about their growth.

“I hope that YU students will think of me,” said Meredith, “[as] someone that was passionate about their development and learning. 

“To my advisees, I hope they continue the work to reach their goals, and for those future lawyers that they complete the journey. For the students I taught over 5 semesters in the classroom, my hope is that they take the intensity of our classroom debates into the workplace.” Meredith also recalled fondly his time working under Dean Noam Wasserman and with Professor Moses Pava. He told The Commentator that one of his fondest memories was students returning to campus in Fall 2021, and encouraged students to make use of the career center.

In his final words to the student body, Meredith told students that “YU is a great community” and that students should use all the “resources you have to make your journey!”

“Dare to dream, think creatively and find something that is for you — not based on what someone else wants for you,” said Meredith.“ Finally, think differently — turn a problem on its head, and look at it through different lenses, it has been a strategy I have lived throughout my professional career and has done me well — try it. 

“Thank you YU, the SGC team and the students for a great journey.”

Before coming to YU, Meredith, a native of Jericho, New York, graduated from Syracuse University College of Law, practiced as a litigator for over three years, and worked at Georgetown University in multiple roles between 2013–2019. 

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Photo Caption: Joshua Meredith left YU after three years this December.

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University