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Wilf Director of University Housing and Residence Life Leaves YU After Four Months

Wilf Campus Director of University Housing and Residence Life (UHRL) Lee Seguin left Yeshiva University after four months in the position, The Commentator has learned. 

Seguin’s initial appointment was announced to Wilf students via email on Feb. 9, and on Thursday, May 13, Assistant Director of UHRL Michael Altaras emailed Wilf resident advisors (RA) about his departure. As of publication, the university did not notify students about Seguin leaving. 

“I am reaching out to let you know that as of today Lee will no longer be working with us at University Housing and Residence Life,” Altaras wrote in his email to RAs. “I want to thank you for all your hard work and I know together we will finish off the year strongly, as a team.” No explanation was given regarding this news.

It is unclear whether Seguin was asked to leave or left on his own volition. His LinkedIn page no longer displays his role as director of UHRL.

“We do not comment on personnel changes,” Vice Provost for Student Affairs Dr. Chaim Nissel told The Commentator. “We wish Lee well and appreciate all that he did. We are working closely with our housing team to ensure that our students have a successful end of the semester and for fall housing enrollment.” 

The university is currently searching for a new director of UHRL. Nissel added that “at this time we have not finalized our decision regarding merging housing director responsibilities for both [Wilf and Beren] campuses.”

Seguin came to YU with over 10 years of experience working with college students. From June 2011 through June 2014, he worked at Bates College as coordinator of Student Activities and Residence Life. From August 2014 through December 2020, he worked at College of Mount Saint Vincent in several roles, including associate director of Housing and Residence Life.

After former Wilf Campus Director of UHRL Jonathan Schwab left YU in November 2020, Senior Director of Student Life Rabbi Josh Weisberg became the acting director while the university sought a replacement. Seguin filled the new role a few months later. 

Seguin is one of many university staff members to leave the university over the last 10 months, including Assistant Director of UHRL Natan Bienstock in August 2020, Schwab in November 2020, Wilf Campus Student Life Director Avi Schwartz in December 2020 and OSL Director of Student Events Linda Stone in March 2021. 

As of publication, Altaras and Seguin did not respond to The Commentator’s inquiries on the matter.

This is a developing story.

Photo Caption: Seguin left his role as Wilf director of UHRL.

Photo Credit: Manhattan College