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Yeshiva University Katz School Launches New Fast-Track Nursing Program

Yeshiva University's Katz School of Science and Health will be launching a new fast-track nursing program, commencing in the fall of 2024. The program will enable students to earn a Bachelor of Science in nursing in 16 months. 

The program, open to students already holding a bachelor's degree in any field, aims to train nurses by providing them with foundational knowledge in “nursing theory and concepts,” as well as hands-on patient-care and clinical skills, according to the program’s website. The program will be run by Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Nursing Peggy Tallier, and Director of Clinical Education and Associate Professor of Nursing Patricia Reineke. 

Upon completing the program, students will have the opportunity to take the NCLEX (the National Council Licensure Examination) licensing exam. 

“We’re in the heart of Manhattan, which is the best place to start your career,” Tallier told The Commentator. “Students will be prepared for great opportunities at the best hospitals, schools and clinics in the country. The market is huge for them.”

The course contains 62 course credit requirements, with courses including foundations of nursing practice, psychiatric and mental health nursing and medical surgery nursing. The program will also allow students to gain experience with clinical nursing rotations at New York City hospitals and organizations — in fields including surgery, pediatrics and maternity and psychiatric care.

“Our students will be able to focus on nursing and immerse themselves in a rigorous health science environment,” Tallier said. “Students will receive an amazing education, characterized by small class sizes, stellar faculty, and group-oriented case studies and clinical experiences that promote critical thinking and teamwork. At the Katz School, our mission is clear: train the best students well and do it quickly, so they can contribute to the health of our community.”

“To be able to do what nursing school teaches you in four years in only one and a half makes the process and career path as a whole so much quicker and smoother.” Bina Goldman (SCW ‘26) told The Commentator. “I know that I want to help people and this program can not only give me the tools that I need but also help me get to that goal quicker.”

The new nursing track is not the first new degree program the Katz School will be launching this year. In February, YU announced the opening of two new computer science master’s programs for fall 2024 applications. The two programs include a 10 course program for those with an undergraduate degree in the field, and a 15 course program open to students regardless of their undergraduate background.


Photo Caption: Yeshiva University is launching a new nursing program for fall 2024.

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University