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We Asked Y(O)U Answered: Students’ Experience of the Solar Eclipse

On Monday, April 8, millions of Americans stopped whatever they were doing to spend an hour or two looking up at the sky. Some drove hundreds of miles and some flew to Dallas or Niagara Falls to witness the much-hyped total eclipse of the sun. The YU campus was not immune to this eclipse mania, with hundreds of 3D-looking eclipse glasses given out to students over the course of the day. Some found the eclipse to be an incredible and life-changing experience, others really could not care less. The Commentator reached out to students to find out what they thought of the eclipse and if it lived up to their expectations.

Yoel Jacobson (YC ‘25)


A few friends and I left YU at 5 a.m. and drove to Crystal Lake, Vermont to view it. In summary, a total solar eclipse is an experience every person should see at least once. No picture or account does it justice. When totality begins and you can take off your glasses, you get a sense for the magnitude of the sun and the moon. It’s a special event that’s rare not just on earth but in the solar system too. It makes you feel special and lucky to be around to see it. I got to admire all of the physics that goes on during the eclipse, like being able to see the corona, and Baily’s Beads (the mountains of the moon are visible around the outside edge). The 15 hours in the car was totally worth it, plus it flew by because we had fun along the way. Shoutout to David Benhamu (YC ‘25), Yedidya Schechter (YC ‘24), and Michael Jacobson (YC ‘25) for making the whole adventure incredibly memorable.

Bracha Baumgarten (SCW ‘25)


It was cool to watch the eclipse again; it reminded me of when my whole family came together to watch the last one in the summer. Because I wasn't in the path of totality, it was a bit underwhelming as nothing really changed. Nonetheless, it was still nice to see the Manhattan streets filled with people all taking a moment to witness the solar eclipse.

Gidon Fox (YC ‘24)


The eclipse was a surreal experience. For three minutes the day goes night and the regularity of nature is disrupted. This was my first solar eclipse and I had no clue what to expect. So I cannot say the experience lived up to my expectations. However, I can say that it was an absolutely awesome three minutes that I will never forget.

Talia Isaacs (SCW ‘27)

Political Science

Interestingly enough, I found the eclipse to be pretty underwhelming. And even when I looked at it with the glasses, it still burned my eyes a little bit. I think it was very much overhyped, but that’s just my opinion. A lot of my friends thought it was breathtaking, but I just didn’t see it.

Hayely Goldberg (SCW ‘26)

Music and Education 

I am so grateful to have been able to experience the eclipse this year! A few years ago, when there was an eclipse, I did not understand how incredible it would be and made no effort to see it. I didn't get glasses, didn't check the time, I ignored it completely. This year, I realized how special this opportunity would be and made every effort to see it. A few friends and I saw it from the 8th floor of 245. Right outside the window of some of the rooms was the perfect place to view it. I was paying attention to everything while there. The cars that were driving all had their headlights on. I'm assuming it was because it had actually been getting darker and it was automatic. It was one of the cool little details that you had to pay extra attention to. I'll admit, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a total eclipse, but now I know that the next time around, I will absolutely be traveling to see it. All in all, it was a unique experience that I would love to see again.


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Photo Credit: Ezra Rosenfeld, Rosenfeld Studios