By: Rivka Krause  | 

Battle of the Bands: Creating Artistic Spaces

The Music Club’s annual Battle of the Bands event, co-sponsored by BCSG and YSU, occurred on the evening of March 26, in the Schottenstein Theater on Wilf Campus. The event where YU students, performing in various bands spanning multiple genres, was a smashing success and drew a large crowd. Schottenstein Theater was buzzing as Music Club co-President Danny Kutin (YC ‘25) delivered his introductory remarks at the Battle of the Bands. This was followed by Hatikvah sung by Eitan Markovich (YC ‘27), accompanied by Music Club co-President Miriam Bluth (SCW ‘24) on piano. 

Over the course of the evening, nine bands — ranging from Jazz ensembles to funky rock — performed original music or covers. They competed in three awards categories: Best Overall, Best Costume, and Most Original. The passion and dedication of those performing was evident in their fluid and sincere performances. Their energy was palpable and the audience responded with equal passion. While there were a few technical difficulties, both the techies and performers moved seamlessly through them. 

Between each musical set, the MC of the evening, Benny Klein (YC ‘24), added to the jovial tone of the evening, and even engaged in a battle of the wits with an audience member. Their interjections were a welcome and hilarious intermission between sets. 

The awards of Most Original Performance and Best Outfits went to “Norville” and “My Roommate’s Fiancée,” respectively. “Norville” performed two funky and jazzy original songs. “My Roommate’s Fiancée” performed with energy and humor while decked out in fun costumes. Between sets, the Music Club awarded the board members with roses for their hard work.

Eliyahu Zylberberg (SSSB ‘26), who fronted “Do Not Disturb” and the Best Overall band “Desert Pond,” noted that Battle of the Bands does what very few YU club events can do: bring individuals from all parts of YU together. He also noted that his “biggest regret from last year was not getting involved in the Music Club.” Senior and BCSG President Avygayl Zucker (SCW ‘24) of “My Roommate's Fiancée” also reflected on the importance of Battle of the Bands. “The battle is one of the ultimate highlights of my time at YU. Getting to sit and watch your friends’ hard work and talent shine … What could be better?!”

As Klein put it, “Events like these are a core element of the undergraduate experience, and everyone benefits. We get to celebrate our friends and their talents in a fun and healthy environment.” The Music Club, as well as other student organizations, create necessary artistic spaces that would otherwise not exist at YU. 

Nights like Battle of the Bands disregard the fragmentation that exists at YU — students across majors, morning programs, and undergraduate schools come together in one room — and highlight the sort of campus culture that we could have: A culture that embraces passion, art, and shared community instead of a culture of divisiveness. While of course Battle of the Bands doesn’t mitigate the existence of those problems, it is a soothing and hopeful balm. 


Photo Caption: “Do Not Disturb” performing

Photo Credit: Naomi Klinghoffer