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Yeshiva University Debuts First-Ever Club Ice Hockey Team

Yeshiva University students started the school’s first-ever men’s club ice hockey team this year, the first for the school's athletics program. 

The 2023-2024 season was the first official season of the team and was something that several students have wanted to create for years, finally being created after a plan was proposed by a parent of an incoming student to YU Athletics Director Greg Fox and supported by the university. “It’s significant to be able to provide more opportunities for our students, and ice hockey is a natural fit for us,” Fox told The Commentator.

The team, led by head coach Adam Carlo and team captain Sol Feder (SSSB ‘26) consists of a 30-person roster. They played four scrimmages this season, with a record of 2-2, against schools such as Stevens Institute of Technology, the New Jersey Institute of Technology and The City College of New York. Next season, the team plans to play in official NCAA games with seven new players.

“A defining moment for our team occurred when we secured our first victory in only our second game,” Feder shared with The Commentator, highlighting the team's growth throughout the season. “Observing the team's legitimization and evolution into a potential pillar of YU instills a sense of pride. This accomplishment not only signifies athletic achievement but also underscores the development of camaraderie and unity that extends beyond the ice.”

Feder also explained that the team operates independently, securing its own funding through fundraising efforts by the team's players. This is intended to ensure the sustainability of the team.

“The YU Club Ice Hockey Team is more than a sports initiative; it embodies resilience, passion, and a shared commitment to success,” Feder said in his statement to The Commentator. “We humbly seek continued support from the Yeshiva University community as we strive to establish a lasting legacy in the years to come.”

“I’m excited to see where this program goes over the next few years,” Fox said.


Photo Caption: YU’s new ice hockey team

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University