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Bagel Bar NYC on Amsterdam Avenue Replaced With Falafel Store

The short-lived Bagel Bar NYC restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue closed its doors over the winter break, paving the way for a new restaurant, Falafel Crunch, which opened at the beginning of the semester under the same ownership.

After operating for around seven months, David Nahon, the owner of Bagel Bar NYC, decided to transition from a bagel shop to a falafel joint. The new menu includes options such as sabich, shakshuka, soup and salad, in addition to falafel, and the restaurant accepts payment via caf card.  

Students on campus had mixed feelings about the opening of the new restaurant, with some expressing excitement about the prospect of additional dining options. Avraham Glatter (SSSB ‘26) expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Opening a new falafel restaurant is a good idea because we only have one option and we need more variety,” 

Students have already started dining at the new establishment. “I enjoyed my experience at the new falafel place. It’s a great option for a quick and easy lunch when you’re in a rush to get to shiur,” Yossi Sugarman (SSSB ‘26) told The Commentator. “I would love to see more options on the menu though.”

On the other hand, some students were skeptical about the uniqueness of the new falafel joint. “Golan already provides the needs of people who want falafel,” Isaac Geifman (YC ‘26) told The Commentator. “Something with a little more panache will draw more customers and provide an element of diversity for the students.” 

Although Bagel Bar NYC has closed, students can still eat at Lake Como or Grandma’s, which both offer bagels. Falafel Crunch also faces competition from Golan Heights, as both establishments will be competing for customers interested in Israeli cuisine. 

Nahon declined to comment about the rebranding. 

As Bagel Bar rebranded, Chop Chop, another restaurant on Wilf Campus that serves the YU community, was added back to YU’s campus dining program.


Photo Caption: The new falafel store on Amsterdam Avenue

Photo Credit: Sruli Friedman / The Commentator