By: Shoshana Fisher  | 

245 Lexington Floods as a Result of Broken Pipe

The Kushner Dining Hall on Beren Campus was temporarily shut down due to flooding on Dec. 3. 

The flood, the result of a broken pipe, occurred just as the dining hall was opening for dinner, and filled the hall and first-floor lobby. Kushner dining hall, located on the bottom floor of 245 Lexington Ave., is the only cafeteria on the Beren campus that serves a meat dinner.

“It looked like the ceiling was going to collapse,” Tamar Giterman (SCW ‘26) told The Commentator. “I walked out without getting anything for dinner.”

Maintenance workers placed large buckets underneath the leakage, which, according to eyewitnesses, did little to control the flood.

The water continued to pour into the cafeteria and the lobby for several hours, while workers attempted to sweep the water out of the building with large brooms. 

According to Yeshiva University’s Chief Facilities and Administrative Officer, Randy Apfelbaum, the leak to a broken pipe in the toilet on the first floor. 

The damage “was minor,” Apfelbaum told The Commentator, and the leak was repaired in time for the cafeteria to reopen the following day. Apfelbaum declined The Commentator’s request for a more detailed comment.   

“I hope something like this doesn’t happen again,” Ayelet Siev (SCW ‘26) told The Commentator. “The caf literally looked like a water park.”


Photo Caption: The Kushner Dining Hall was temporarily flooded Dec. 3.

Photo Credit: The Commentator