By: Adin Blumofe  | 

YU Holds Azkara for Those Lost in October 7 Terror Attack

Around 150 students from both campuses attended an Azkara last month in memory of the over 1200 killed in the Oct. 7 terror attack in southern Israel. 

The event, held at 7 p.m. outside of Rubin Hall on Wilf Campus Oct. 25, took place around electric candles arranged in the shape of the Star of David. Students received candles and took turns lighting them, each reading the name of a different victim.  

At the Azkara, Tehila Bitton (SCW ‘24) spoke about Ariel Eliyahu, who had been killed Oct. 7 while fighting in his tank division near Kibbutz Be’eri. Eliyahu’s family, who had served as the shluchim at Bitton’s middle school, described him as “energetic,” “passionate” and “full of grace.” He also was very studious and “had filled his life with Torah,” having gone through the entire Mishna by middle school and completing Shas by 17. 

“Ariel Eliyahu, Hashem Yikom Damo, believed so much in what he was fighting for. In what he ultimately gave his life for,” Bitton said. “He was deeply in love with the land of Israel and considered himself more lucky than our prophets as he was seeing our Geula, our redemption, come to life. He contributed to it.”

Other students who spoke included Ayala Terenyo (SSB ‘25), Leel Alkobi (SCW ‘24), Daniel Levin and Lior Morgenshtern (SSB ‘25) — an IDF veteran — who described the losses they incurred following the attack. Beren Campus Student Government President Avygayl Zucker (SCW ‘24) hosted the event and introduced the speakers.

The Azkara also included the prayers for the IDF, State of Israel and the captives, said by students Yedidya Schechter (YC ‘24), Avraham Frohlich (YC ‘25) and YSU President Zakkai Notkin (YC ‘24).

The event had a noticeable police presence following a sharp increase in antisemitism across the United States. Students had to show their IDs to enter the event and wear a blue wristband. There were no security incidents. 

The event was followed by an event hosted by YUPAC and the J. Dunner Political Science Society about the state of Israel’s military security. The event’s guest speaker was Professor Chuck Freilich, a former deputy Israeli National Security adviser. 


Photo Caption: Candles lit up in memory of those killed in the Oct. 7 attack

Photo Credit: Rosenfeld Studios