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Statement by Nearly 80 Yeshiva University Student Organizations and Athletic Teams on the War in Israel

Editor’s Note: Following the terrorist attack on Israel perpetrated by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7, during the holiday of Shemini Atzeret, and the mass tragedy and war that have unfolded as a result, Yeshiva University student organizations issued an open letter in support of Israel. The letter was signed by nearly 80 undergraduate student organizations — including student councils, publications, NCAA teams and clubs across the political spectrum.

Statement by Yeshiva University Student Organizations on the War in Israel

We, the undersigned, are disgusted by and strongly condemn the unprovoked terrorist attack committed by Hamas in Israel, as well as statements to the effect that the slaughter, rape, abduction, and mutilation of Israeli civilians and foreign nationals by Hamas terrorists can be blamed on Israel.

The blame for this act, and all military responses that follow, falls squarely on Hamas and their Iranian backers. To say otherwise at the deadliest moment for the Jewish people since the Holocaust is antisemitic and reprehensible. We wholly reject the vile notion that these horrific acts can be justified in any way. We condemn this barbarism, and call on all decent Americans to reject it entirely.

We mourn those who have been slaughtered and brutalized. We pray that God ensures that justice be served to those who spilled the blood of innocents. We pray that we may soon see peace.

We are entirely unequivocal: We stand with Israel. Am Yisrael Chai.

Hashem Yikom Damam

Yeshiva Student Union

Beren Campus Student Government Legislature

Beren Campus Student Government Executive Branch

Yeshiva College Student Council

Sy Syms School Of Business Student Council

Student Organization of Yeshiva

Student Life Committee of Wilf Campus

Beren Campus Religious Affairs Committee

Wilf Campus Student Court

Beren Campus Student Government Judicial Branch

YU Commentator Editorial Board

YU Observer Editorial Board

YU College Republicans

YU College Democrats

Yeshiva University Political Action Club

Yeshiva University Pride Alliance

Yeshiva University Israel Club

The Seforim Sale @Yeshiva University

Clarion Political Science Journal

Dunner Political Science Society

Food For Thought Food Distribution

Active Minds Mental Health Awareness Club


YU Environmental Club

Yeshiva University Blood Drive Club

YU Sepharadi Club

Yeshiva University START Science

YU Feminism Club

Stern College Dramatics Society

Yeshiva College Dramatics Society

Beren Campus Computer Science Club

YU Volunteering Chessed Club

YU College EDge

YU Tikvah Fund Campus Chapter

Yeshiva University Music Club

YU Fantasy Book Club

YU Magic The Gathering Club

YU Midwest Club

YU Economics Society

YU Chess Club

Yeshiva University Poetry Club

YU Technology Awareness Group

YU Music Club

YU Sudoku Club

YU Anime and Manga Club

YU on Broadway Club

YU ADHD Awareness Club

YU Student Support Services Committee


YU Women’s Daf Yomi Club

Yeshiva University Stock Exchange Club

YU Project Sunshine Club

Sharsheret at YU

Chizuk From the Heights

YU Winter Sports Club

YU Star Wars Club

YU Engineering Club

YU Philosophical Society

YU Esperanto Club

CAMERA on Campus

The Chevraya

YU Psychology Club


Yeshiva University Comedy Club

Stern Sports Club

Men’s Basketball Team

Women’s Basketball Team

YU Men’s Baseball Team

Women’s Softball Team

Men’s Volleyball Team

Women’s Volleyball Team

Men’s Fencing Team

Women’s Fencing Team

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Men’s Golf Team

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