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New Beren Writing Center Receives $3 Million Donation from Eisenberg Family Foundation

Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women (SCW) received a $3 million donation to establish a new writing center beginning this fall. The donation, from the Eisenberg Family Foundation, was donated in memory of Lea and Leon Eisenberg, two longtime YU donors. 

The new Lea and Leon Eisenberg Writing Center will utilize the funds to help monitor changes in writing caused by technology and AI, as well as continue to aid the development of students’ writing skills, Dean of Undergraduate Faculty and Arts Karen Bacon told The Commentator. 

Construction of a new facility to house the center began mid-June and will continue throughout the summer and early fall. According to Bacon, students will be able to enjoy the services of the new center sometime after the Chagim. Until the work’s completion, students will continue to have access to writing center services on the 6th floor of 215 Lexington Ave.  

Lea and Leon Eisenberg were munificent supporters of Jewish education and Yeshiva University. Mr. Eisenberg graduated from Yeshiva University in 1947, and Mrs. Eisenberg served as chair of the Stern College for Women Board of Overseers. Together, they made multiple donations to the university, including one to build the Lea and Leon Eisenberg Beit Midrash on Beren Campus.

The donation for the new writing center comes from Lea and Leon Eisenberg's children, Dr. Larry Eisenberg (YC ‘75), Richard Eisenberg (YC ‘77), and Reva Hirsch, directors of the Eisenberg Family Foundation.

“Lea and Leon Eisenberg (A’H) were extraordinary human beings and exceptional supporters of YU and SCW in particular,” Bacon told The Commentator. “They generously gave of their time and their advice in addition to their financial gifts. 

“This project, sponsored by their children to honor their memory, is so very fitting. Both Lea and Leon spoke and wrote with grace, with the language and the tone of those educated formally in Europe before the War and who continued to be lifelong learners. As our women become more sophisticated writers, they will be carrying forward the Eisenberg legacy.”

The money was donated as part of “Rise Up: The Campaign for 613,” YU’s campaign to raise $613 million to make new investments in faculty, facilities and scholarships.


Photo Caption: The Eisenberg Family donated $3 million toward the new center

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University