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We Asked, Y(O)U Answered: Senior Thoughts About Graduation

As finals approach and we close out the year at Yeshiva University, it’s important to remember that for the seniors, this is the end of a chapter. There are so many great moments that people experience in their lives and this chapter at Yeshiva University is no different. Throughout their time at YU students don’t only learn, they grow. The experiences they go through are unlike any other. The Commentator asked graduating seniors about their experience at Yeshiva University and some of the highlights they have experienced.

Eli Saperstein (SSSB ‘23)


“See, I never thought I’d make it to YU. Most people I grew up with simply do not come here, I didn’t know Yeshiva University even existed until my senior year of high school. Yet without YU, I would never have become the person I am today. Being involved in so many aspects of the YU experience. This was by far my favorite part of YU; rising up to take advantage of the opportunities that rose up, ranging from the many clubs, initiatives, and student newspapers. They have shaped not just my experience at YU but who I am today and will continue to be. They taught me something I wish I’d learned right away, that every action at YU is an act of creation, but for the first time I’m thinking past graduation. 

At Yeshiva University, it is clear to students that we are part of a legacy, a garden planted by people who never anticipated seeing the full fruits of their labor. We are acutely aware that we stand on the shoulders of giants, tending a garden planted by those who never planned on seeing its full potential. This is the YU legacy. Seniors planting seeds in a garden they’ll never get to see. This principle is embedded in the spirit that pervades YU, where seniors and the student body invest in the future by planting trees whose fruit they may not enjoy. I believe that this principle is transmitted to the students and that this is the reason our Yeshiva University grows great because seniors plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit or benefit.”

Ezra Emerson (SSSB ‘23)

Strategy and Entrepreneurship

“There are so many memories for me to choose from for the highlights of my time at YU. I want to list a few that stand out to me the most. Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut programming is always the best in my mind. From the moving programs to the incredible davening and dancing after, followed by some awesome concerts, it will never get old to me. I also love the times when I went to Rav Goldwicht’s shuirim. Listening to the wise and inspiring words that Rebbe has given to me, will forever stay in my mind. Another thing that comes to my mind is all the times I have worked on the student council. From being the SOY PR to now being the Syms vice president, I have really learned so much about what it means to be a team and how to lead a body of people when it is most needed, plus the amount of coolness that came from being on those positions were really enjoyable for me. Lastly, I want to bring the one thing that I really will miss the most, and that is having the chance to do a siyum in front of my shuir. B"H I have been blessed with the ability and knowledge to do a siyum on mishnayos many times, and it won't stop after YU. But I would never forget the impact and warmth it brought to the shuir room whenever I would get up and start to recite the last mishna. From fellow shuir students to my rebbe, all looking and smiling at me while I read, it is something that I will truly cherish forever.”

Fruma Silver (SSSB ‘23)


“I've gained so much from my time at YU, and specifically in Sy Syms. I've been exposed to so many opportunities, business and otherwise, and have formed connections that will last a lifetime. The environment of secular and Torah learning and programming that we have created on campus is like no other, and it has been a privilege to attend YU.”

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Photo Caption: A YU senior at graduation commencement

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University