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Technology Awareness Group Opens Branch at YU

Technology Awareness Group International (TAG), an Orthodox Jewish group focused on providing filtering options for various technological devices, opened a branch at Yeshiva University shortly before Pesach.

The first iteration of a standing TAG service in YU, the branch, which opened on Wilf Campus on March 20, is open to RIETS, MTA and undergraduate students, as well as rebbeim and their families, and is available to assist students in deciding on a device filtration system. 

Rabbi Ely Bacon, an Undergraduate Torah Studies (UTS) mashgiach ruchani [spiritual advisor] started the program before handing it over to student volunteers. It is staffed by Nerya Miller (SSSB ‘24), who leads the center, and six other student volunteers.

“The goal of TAG is to improve the avodas Hashem [religious worship] of the talmidim of the yeshiva by helping shmiras einyaim [guarding of the eyes], bittul zman [wasting time] and mental health that can arise from improper use of technology,” Miller told The Commentator.

Before implementing any filters, Miller said, it is recommended to meet with one of the seven student TAG volunteers to discuss the different filtration options. The TAG office is open for appointments to discuss what options are best for each individual.

According to Miller, the TAG office has already served around 75 students, installing approximately 110 filters for various devices.

“I didn’t have time to find a filter on my own, so I was stoked when I started seeing signs for TAG,” Micha Bayever (YC ‘25) told The Commentator. “The TAG team was very helpful and put a filter on my computer in less than 30 minutes!”

The YU TAG office at Glueck 309 has varying hours that can be found on the office’s front door for walk-ins, but is also open to appointments.

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Photo Caption: TAG International opened an office at YU to help students with internet filters for devices

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Kaitlyn Baker