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Muss to Add Air Conditioning Next Year

Muss Hall, one of three dorms for Wilf Campus Yeshiva University undergraduate students, will add air conditioning to individual rooms this summer, the Office of Residence Life (ORL) announced April 26.

Built in the 1920s, the nearly one-century-old dorm’s electrical system is currently unable to support air conditioning for individual rooms, and only provides air conditioning for the lounge and the Klein Beit Medrash. The dorm’s electrical system will be upgraded to allow air conditioning units to be installed in individual rooms in a similar setup to Morgenstern and Rubin dorms.

The work, funded by the university and planned by ORL and YU’s facilities and operations team, will begin this June and is expected to be completed by the end of the summer. 

“Muss Hall is a historic building with a richness and grandeur which is beyond compare,” Residence Life Director Avi Feder told The Commentator. “I was proud to live in Muss for nearly my entire undergraduate and RIETS experience at Yeshiva, as did my father before me, and generations of others dating back nearly 100 years. I am humbled and excited to continue supporting the legacy of Muss Hall and enabling its residents to live even more comfortably into the future.”

Costing $3,875 a semester for a double or triple room, Muss is $1,500 cheaper than double rooms in Rubin and Morgenstern, which will cost $5,375.

Feder told The Commentator that Muss’s pricing will continue to be lower, as in past years, to provide an affordable housing option for students.

“Muss Hall has always been a great value proposition and we made every effort to find the funds to finance this project while maintaining Muss Hall as a discounted option for those who are price sensitive,” said Feder. “Students who don’t mind living a few extra steps further from the center of campus and not having constant access to an elevator will find Muss Hall a great building to call home here at Yeshiva University.”

Pricing for double rooms, or rooms inhabited by two students, have risen by $375 a semester across campus since last year.

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Photo Caption: Muss Hall, one of three YU dorms, will add air conditioning next year.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons