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Yeshiva University Modernizes Main Website

Yeshiva University made significant changes to its website on Feb. 13, redesigning it based on website analytics to make its interface more “modern.” 

The new website, which was developed for over six months by YU’s marketing and communications team, reworked the home page to include information about the Five Core Torah Values, YU faculty, the ‘Rise Up’ fundraising campaign and numbers showcasing some of YU’s academic achievements, among other things. According to Robert Kadar, YU's senior director of marketing, the purpose of the new design was to create “a more modern website” that would appeal to prospective undergraduate or graduate students.

“We used data from our website analytics on who uses our site and how they use it and we received feedback from students, faculty and staff,” Kadar told The Commentator. “We discovered that 80% of our traffic comes from prospective undergraduate and prospective graduate students who look for information related to what makes YU unique.”

According to Kadar, the team that developed the website had the objective to “showcase what makes YU the Flagship Jewish University” by presenting “the Core Torah values, the YU student experience, our excellent academics and the renowned faculty who produce the quality educational experience and top-notch research and scholarship.” 

Although the new website is directed toward prospective students, the news and events sections of the homepage remain unchanged, allowing current students to “stay up-to-date.” 

“We believe these changes have greatly improved the website experience and better showcase who we are,” Kadar told The Commentator. “And we’re not done! Websites need to constantly evolve based on the feedback we get from website traffic data and stakeholders.”

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Photo Caption: YU’s new website homepage 

Photo Credit: The Commentator