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We Asked, Y(O)U Answered: Midtown or The Heights?

When Yeshiva University first opened in 1886, they made a name for themselves in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Since then, the university has moved to Washington Heights and in 1954, a girls' campus was established in the midtown neighborhood of Murray Hill. Students often debate which campus is better to live on. On the one hand, the apartments in Washington Heights are cheaper and the campus is considered to have better amenities. On the other hand, Midtown is more central and there are more dorming options. The Commentator asked students about the pros and cons of living on their respective campuses. 

Avery Allen (SCW ‘24)


“By Spring semester last year, I knew that I didn’t want to stay in the dorms. Living in the Heights and commuting means saving thousands of dollars, having my own room and being able to host friends and family for Shabbat without guest/visitor hassle. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.” 

Benny Klein (YC ‘24)


“There are a few cons of living in the Heights. There is a lot of crime and it's slightly dirty. It’s hard to walk out on the street and just see garbage everywhere. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as Midtown. Some of the pros is that there is a really nice community in the Heights. The Jewish community is incredible. There are so many shuls on campus and off campus. The Shenk Shul is awesome for young professionals and it’s nice to have this community. The people there are warm and welcoming. It’s also really nice to be able to host people for shabbat in our apartment. We can host people from the community, people from the dorms, or visitors.”

Eshrat Botach (SCW ‘26) 

Early Childhood Education 

“Some cons of living in Midtown is that there seems to be a lot more antisemitism here than in the Heights. On the way back from the school buildings to the dorms someone yells something about Jews at me 70% of the time. I find it extremely uncomfortable and it makes it harder to appreciate the environment. In the Heights, that has never happened to me; I’ve gotten cat-called but that is the extent of it. Everyone there seems so much nicer than in Midtown. Although, in Midtown, I like being close to everything. We have more things to do than the other campus. It’s also really nice that this neighborhood is constantly busy making it more exciting than the Heights.”

Amalya Teitelbaum (SCW ‘24)


“There are definitely many benefits of living in Midtown including how accessible everything is. However, with this accessibility there are higher expenses, especially when it comes to kosher restaurants and potential activities.”

Dovid Price (SSSB ‘24)


“Some of the pros of living in the Heights is that there is a nice community here. There’s Shenk, and just stuff to do on Shabbat which is nice. Rent is also really cheap which is super helpful. It’s also really nice that most of our buildings have elevators that work. Some cons are that there is sometimes drug residue just laying out in the street amongst the other trash on the sidewalk, which is less than ideal. There are also no Trader Joe’s or other big supermarkets. If I want to buy a new shirt or even get scandinavian swimmers, I can’t. You can’t really go shopping here, you have to go downtown for everything. It’s also a little run down and not as nice as the Midtown campus.” 

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Photo Caption: Brookdale Residence Hall

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University