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The Radio Hotel Wants to Build a Relationship with YU

Seemingly appearing out of thin air, The Radio Hotel came to Washington Heights back in 2020. Although the Radio Hotel is a mystery to most of the student body, who have never interacted with it, the building that sprouted up in the skyline of Washington Heights chose that location for a reason. Located in the middle of multiple important points of the heights, the Radio Hotel services many different communities, Columbia-Presbyterian hospital and YU in particular.

Danielle Dymond, the director of sales and marketing at The Radio Hotel, has met with Dean of Undergraduate Torah Studies Rabbi Yosef Kalinsky multiple times to cement a relationship with YU and to build off of it for the future. One of the results of the cooperation is that the second floor of The Radio Hotel consists entirely of doors with key locks on them in addition to card locks, to accommodate religious Jewish customers on days when they can’t use key cards to unlock their hotel room doors. Additionally, The Radio Hotel has a discounted rate for YU students and their families who are visiting YU. With their special rate, a two-person room starts at $89 a night for YU-affiliated customers. 

In addition to hoping to accommodate YU students, The Radio Hotel, which had its ribbon-cutting ceremony back in July of 2022, also wants to impact the general Washington Heights community by having a lounge space open to the public. Speaking with Dymond, she expressed the hope that YU students, in need of an open outdoor space to study, would look to The Radio Hotel patio when the weather gets nicer. To access the space, a student would just need to walk into the hotel and ask to study on the patio, with no room purchase required. They also have multiple restaurants on the premises, and claim to be able to cater kosher food for Jewish families and events.

 “The special rate for YU families will be very beneficial, especially for out-of-town students who would otherwise not have a reasonably priced place for their families to stay while visiting them,” David Weinberger (YC ‘25) noted.

Generally, events can be held at their Above the Heights rooftop event hall, which they rent out to various companies. The rooftop hall has a stunning view of New York City and Dymond hopes to host YU club events with large audiences there in the future.

Named for the owner of one of their restaurants who also owns many radio stations in the Dominican Republic, The Radio Hotel has various seasonal specials, where they lower their prices in anticipation or celebration of a holiday. As the specials that they have throughout the year keep going, they will surely grow in their attraction to YU students. The hotel wants to keep its relationship with YU strong, in hopes of potentially hosting some of the teams for the Sarachek basketball tournament, in addition to having a special rate for families who come into town to visit their children who are YU students. 

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Photo Caption: The Radio Hotel on Amsterdam Ave.

Photo Credit: The Radio Hotel