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We Asked, Y(O)U Answered: Does Your Major Have a Stereotype?

Editor’s Note: This issue’s column is completely anonymous. Stay tuned for our next issue, when each student’s major will be revealed. 

When deciding on a major there are so many different things to keep in mind: Do you enjoy the major? What do you plan to do with your major after graduation? Is it easy? Is it hard? But most of all, what are some of the stereotypes that people associate with the major? Stereotypes are a widely accepted idea of a group of people that is usually oversimplified. Students in Yeshiva University with different fields of study were asked what stereotypes they think people associate with their major. 

Student 1

“A lot of people say that it is so hard, or that it’s too much time in front of a computer. They also say it’s too time-consuming but if it’s something you enjoy, then it doesn’t matter.” 

Student 2

“A lot of people say that we are arrogant and short. There is a whole stereotype around how we dress (puffy vests and sneakers). A lot of people also say that there are a lot of Jews in our major.” 

Student 3

“People say that we are slackers. They think that we don’t learn anything except manipulation. They think that we use psychology to manipulate people. They also say that it’s a made-up major for finance bros who aren’t smart enough to major in finance.”

Student 4

“People say that this is the basic Stern major. They say it’s for people who aren’t smart enough to major in anything else. People also say it’s just for people who are obsessed with criminal minds or want to be a therapist.”

Student 5 

“People say that we always correct people’s grammar and that we want to be teachers.”

Student 6

“It’s a very small major here at Stern, but when I tell people they say things like, ‘Don’t you want to make money?’ Most people see this job as something that is too much work and doesn’t make a lot of money.”

Student 7 

“Often, when I tell people my major, they tell me, ‘So, when will you run for president?’”

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Photo Caption: Stern College for Women

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University