By: Elishama Marmon  | 

‘The Mousetrap’ Review: A Gripping Experience Well Worth Your Time

Last night, I had the incredible opportunity to attend a preview of “The Mousetrap,” a play performed by the Stern College Drama Society (SCDS). The play, written by the famed mystery writer Agatha Christie, ran in London’s West End from 1952 until the pandemic temporarily closed it in 2020, making it the longest continually running play of all time. I’ll admit that I went into the play wondering what about it was so special, but by the end, I understood exactly why the play remains so popular.

The play is a classic whodunit, set in the fictional Monkswell Manor during a massive blizzard, trapping a curious cast of characters in the house. The characters include a couple who owns the newly established guest house, four guests (each peculiar in their own way), a mysterious stranded traveler and a detective who arrives to investigate a murder. All are suspects. Can the detective catch the murderer before he strikes again? Or will another “mouse” be caught in the trap?

The play is gripping for the entirety of its two-hour runtime. Audience members will be held at the edge of their seats — I know I was — as clues build up, characters confront each other and a slow but purposeful build-up leads to a striking confrontation. 

Helping keep you entertained and in suspense the entire time is an incredible production team. The cast’s acting talent brought the characters to life in a way that was incredibly entertaining and engaging. The set and costumes were also very impressive, and added significantly to the ability of the audience to lose themselves in the world of “The Mousetrap.” The sound effects and lighting, which were also very well done, put the cherry on top of an extremely professional and well-done production.

Overall, the SCDS production of "The Mousetrap" was an impressive and entertaining performance. The production was great, and one of the best whodunits of all time will keep the audience guessing until the very end. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend seeing it next week. You will not be disappointed. “The Mousetrap” will be performed Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and tickets can be purchased through the SCDS website.


Photo Credit:  Stern College Drama Society