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Yeshiva University Drops Vaccination Requirement for Daytime Visitors

Yeshiva University has updated its visitor guidelines on both campuses to allow students to host unvaccinated daytime guests in the university’s residence halls and academic buildings.  

Guest restrictions have been ongoing since students returned to campus in Oct. 2020. In April 2022, the university allowed vaccinated guests on campus but still kept some restrictions in place. The new guidelines, announced on Sept. 19, make it easier for students to arrange for guests on campus.

Daytime visitors no longer need to email the Office of Resident Life but must provide the Office of Visitor Management with their name and expected time of arrival and departure. Daytime guests do not need proof of the Covid-19 vaccine if they plan to visit campus less than five times. To receive daytime passes, students must accompany their guests to the Security Office. 

Students may now host overnight guests if guests present proof of the Covid-19 vaccine to the Office of Resident Life at least 48 hours prior to their arrival. To receive permission for overnight guests, students must email housing on Beren Campus or inform their Residence Advisor on Wilf Campus. 

Avi Feder, Director of Residence Life, told the Commentator that the university has “continued to consult with medical professionals and public health authorities to ensure our campus remains safe, and we have determined it is now safe to re-open our campus to visitors.” 
He added, “To students living in our Residence Halls, Yeshiva University is home, and we believe it’s important to be able to share your home with friends from outside the University.”

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Photo Caption: YU Drops Vaccination Requirement For Visitors

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