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Deans Run ‘Open Forums’ to Receive Student Feedback

Three administration members involved in student life met with students on the Beren and Wilf Campuses earlier this month in “open forums” meant to increase student dialogue with the administration and provide student feedback.

Associate Dean of Students Joe Bednarsh, Interim Dean of Undergraduate Students Sara Asher and Office of Student Life (OSL) Director Jonathan Schwab met a group of about a dozen students at Yagoda Commons on Beren Campus on Nov. 2 and at Rubin Shul on Wilf Campus on Nov 3. 

“The Deans Forums,” Schwab told The Commentator, “are a chance for us to get feedback and have discussions with students in addition to the many interactions we have through our typical work. Attendees submitted questions and shared their perspectives at the forums.”

At the Beren Campus forum, students posed questions about various issues, including the yet-to-exist Kol Yisrael Areivim Club, the Yeshiva Success Network, academic advising and major representation.

At Wilf Campus, students posed questions about cafeteria prices as well as Kol Yisrael Areivim.

Future open forums may be narrower in scope, Schwab told The Commentator.

“For future sessions,” Schwab said, “we may invite representatives from other departments and narrow the conversation more to specific areas.

Schwab also told The Commentator that he felt the smaller number of students allowed for a more intimate conversation, and that he expects more students to attend future sessions.

“We are looking at the calendar for future dates,” said Schwab, “and seeing if there is a better time that fits more students’ schedules. And positive feedback from the first event will, I think, get more attendance at the next one.  But I was not disappointed in the turnout; having a smaller number of students there allowed us to have deeper conversations and engage more on their specific questions.”

Schwab also felt that the forums were a success. 

“I think it went very well,'' Schwab told The Commentator. “It was very valuable for us to have this time to talk through these topics with students, and I think the attendees felt that way as well.” 

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Photo Caption: Administration members held “open forums” at both undergraduate campuses early this month

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University