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Blood Drive Held on Wilf Campus; 85 Students Donate

85 Yeshiva University students donated blood at a blood drive organized by the New York Blood Center and the YU Blood Drive Club in Morg Lounge on the Wilf campus on October 25.

The drive, held approximately twice each semester, seeks to receive blood donations from the student body to allow for first responders and hospitals to provide transfusions in cases of life-threatening emergencies.

Blood drives in Yeshiva College stretch as far back in the institution’s history as 1957, when the school received an award for donating more blood proportionately than any other college in a group of 14 competitors.

“The goal of the YU Blood Drive is to acquire as many life-saving blood donations from YU students as possible,” Dovid Morris (YC ‘24) three-semester co-president of the YU Blood Drive Club, told The Commentator. “Blood donations enable individuals undergoing life-saving surgeries or suffering from severe injuries to survive. A few minutes of a YU student’s day can genuinely save a life.”

Donating blood is one of those selfless acts of kindness that we so rarely get to do,” Zach Gershkowitz (YC ‘24), YU Blood Drive Club co-president, explained to The Commentator. “All the more so, as a light unto the nations, through our donations we reach communities far beyond our own.”

As of yet, no blood drives have been held on Beren Campus this semester.

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Photo Caption: 85 students donated blood at a blood drive on Wilf Campus.

Photo Credit: The Commentator