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YU Announces Rise in Shabbat Pricing

Yeshiva University has raised Shabbat meal prices for this academic year, Rabbi Yosef Kalinsky, dean of Undergraduate Torah Studies (UTS), announced in an email on August 22. 

The decision to raise the prices was made by university deans and program directors from both campuses who are involved in Shabbat planning and budgeting, in conjunction with the Dining Services Department. 

YU felt the move was necessary due to its desire to improve the Shabbat programming, the costs of inflation and rising food prices. 

The Shabbat “early bird special,” which offers reduced pricing for students registering for meals by Monday night, rose from $15 to $25, with the normal pricing increasing from $25 to $35 and the late pricing, for students registering after Wednesday night through Friday, rising from $35 to $50. Like past years, included in the package are three meals, a Friday night tisch, a kiddush and snacks.

“$25 for Shabbos, or even $35 or $50, is an incredibly low fee for what each student receives,'' Kalinsky said. 

Kalinsky assured The Commentator that YU does not anticipate further price increases in the near future. 

Recently, UTS has become more involved in Shabbat planning in an effort to encourage more people to stay for Shabbat and create a better Shabbat environment. “Having delicious and plentiful food and excellent speakers and programming indicates to students that we want them to stay in Yeshiva for Shabbos,” said Kalinsky. “It’s part of the educational and religious experience that we invest in. Creating a positive and meaningful Shabbos experience for all students is a top priority for YU.”
As a way of improving the Shabbat experience, UTS recently started a student-led Shabbat committee that will give feedback on all aspects of Shabbat in YU. The committee is made up of students, members of the administration and those involved in food services at YU. In addition, UTS will be sending out surveys throughout the year to get more student feedback and opinions on Shabbat life on campus. Kalinsky stressed, “We welcome feedback from ALL students.”

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Photo Caption: Shabbat meal prices have increased 

Photo Credit: The Commentator