By: Ariel Kahan and Elishama Marmon  | 

YU Must Allow LGBTQ Club to Form Immediately as Court Denies Motion to Stay

A judge ruled on Aug. 23 that Yeshiva University immediately recognize the YU Pride Alliance as an official campus club, rejecting the school’s motion to delay the execution of a previous court order to recognize the club.

Several students representing the Pride Alliance sued the school for discrimination in April 2021. The court concluded on June 14 that YU violated the plaintiffs’ rights in this case and must immediately allow the club to form. The ruling prompted an appeal and an application for interim relief from YU in an attempt to stop the court from enforcing the creation of the club until after the appeal had been decided. 

A university spokesperson gave The Commentator the following statement:

“The New York Appellate Division’s ruling today to deny our stay deepens significant historical concerns about government interference in religious institutions. This decision leaves unchecked the order from the lower court to intrude on the internal matters of religious schools, hospitals, and many other faith-based organizations. This decision follows the lower court’s claim that Yeshiva University is not religious, and that religious education is not at the heart of what we do. 

“This is obviously wrong. As our name indicates, Yeshiva was founded specifically to impart Torah values to its students through providing an outstanding education, allowing them to robustly live out their faith as noble citizens and committed Jews. We love and care for all our students—each one created in God’s image—and we firmly disagree with today’s ruling. We will continue to fight for our First Amendment right to instill Torah values in our students, and we will immediately move to appeal this decision on the stay to the New York Court of Appeals.”

The YU Pride Alliance did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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Photo Caption: YU Pride Alliance

Photo Credit: The YU Pride Alliance