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We Asked Y(O)U Answered: Welcome Back

At the start of every school year students find themselves excited for new clubs, reconnecting with old friends and starting new classes. They are excited for spiritual growth and academic advancement. As the Yeshiva University community gets ready to start another new year, The Commentator reached out to several students asking them what they are most excited for this coming year. 

Yaffa Goldkin (SCW ‘24) 

English - Media Studies 

“I’m excited to be part of student life again and getting back to all my clubs, doing really fun events and being part of really fun events. And just getting to be part of student life again. I’m also excited to see my friends and meet new people.” 

Alayna Higdon (SCW ‘24)


“I’m excited to be back in New York City with the friends that I made my first year on campus, to really delve into my studies for my major, and to really enjoy my time at Stern with my friends.”

Ezra Emerson (SSSB ‘23)

Strategy and Entrepreneurship 

“I’m excited to meet new people, see my friends again, say hi to professors and rebbeim. I also want to take my experience in YU so far and put that into my new position of Syms VP. I want to take the experience I’ve gotten and give it back to the new people. And also, being a head of certain clubs and being on the board of clubs can be very fun for me.” 

Jacob Katz (YC ‘24) 


“I am excited that I will have the chance to take my learning a step further. This past year - my first year on campus - was a chance for me to dip my feet into my major. With the skills I have inherited thus far, I will now have the chance to invest my time in opportunities, and in the long term, my future.”


Photo Caption: The annual welcome back barbecue on Wilf Campus

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University