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We Asked, Y(O)U Answered: Senior Reflections

The time people spend at YU can be the most exciting, impactful and life-changing years of students’ lives. There are many ways YU can impact students’ lives, including through religious and spiritual growth, educational advancement and social maturation. At the end of their time on campus, seniors typically take time to reflect on their overall experience at YU. As a result of this, The Commentator reached out to several seniors, asking them about their experience at YU.

SJ Tannenbaum (SSSB ‘22)

Marketing, Finance and Strategy & Entrepreneurship

“I loved YU. I was able to participate in many different extra curricular activities such as the baseball team, creating and running a few clubs, working for the school's Innovation Lab, sideline reporting at Macs basketball games and more, all in an environment that didn't ask me to sacrifice my religious values. I made some amazing friends along the way and have memories that will last a lifetime. 

Obviously with any experience there are positive things and negative things and there were definitely some negative things about my time as YU, but looking back on the grand scheme of things, I'm glad I chose to attend YU and feel I was able to try everything I've always wanted to. I wish all my fellow graduating classmates the best of luck in all their future endeavors and hope we can keep in touch.”

Anthony Lallouz (YC ‘22)


“My experience in YU has been the best college experience I would have dreamt of. It represents all my values and it fits all my interests such as being part of the tennis team and many social activities, with a great quality of studies, and of course everything fully rooted and animated with Torah learning and learning of our Jewish history and identity. More than learning Torah, we lived the Torah in a full experience.” 

Talya Schreiber (SCW ‘22)

Speech Pathology- Audiology 

“I enjoyed my experience at YU. I believe the YU community is one of a kind. Through the environment at Stern I was really able to find myself spiritually, emotionally and career-wise. I don't think I would be the person I am today without YU. No university is perfect therefore there are aspects that could be improved, such as the elevators. However, overall I had a very positive experience and would not change it for the world.”

Eden Taranto (SSSB ‘22)


“After 3 years here, I still don’t get why people hate YU. Sure, it has PLENTY of problems (elevators, professors, career and advising centers, COVID testing well after the pandemic ended, student censorship and many more) but YU is still an amazing place to be in. I couldn’t name a single other college that offers a simple Jewish lifestyle without forfeiting your right to an education. Not to mention all the friends I made here made every annoyance with this school worth it.”

Menachem Aharon Wallach (YC ‘22)

Jewish Studies

“I absolutely loved my time at YU! In particular, I loved working for the YU Seforim Sale, and each year was greater than the previous in terms of friendships and Jewish experience. I also loved being team manager for the YU basketball team. Finally, I am grateful for all the relationships I made with people from both Wilf and Beren campuses and the friendship I have made with President Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman.”

Photo Caption: Mendel Gottesman Library

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University