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Stenhouse to Replace Holtz as YC Associate Dean for Academic Affairs this Fall

William Stenhouse, a professor of history at Yeshiva College (YC), will replace Shalom Holtz as associate dean for academic affairs this August, Yeshiva University announced in an email to undergraduate students on April 7. This move is part of YC's practice of periodically rotating faculty into administrative positions.

YC’s associate dean for academic affairs oversees the curriculum, class schedule, faculty promotions and tenure, and serves as an intermediary between the faculty and the administration, Holtz explained to The Commentator.

The search for a candidate to replace Holtz was conducted by Karen Bacon, dean of the undergraduate faculty of arts and sciences for YC and Stern College for Women (SCW), and Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Selma Botman. One factor in Stenhouse’s selection was his past work on the academic standards committee for YC, which he has led for the past three years. Stenhouse is not scheduled to teach any courses next semester.

Holtz, a professor of Bible, has been associate dean of academic affairs since August 2018, when he replaced Dr. Joanne Jacobson, a professor emeritus of English. Once Holtz steps down, he will conduct research related to his field of Assyriology and biblical studies, before returning to teach classes at YC in Fall 2023.

The university hosted a “Dinner with the Deans” event on May 3 at the Sky Cafe, located on the twelfth floor of Belfer Hall, discussing the transition and the Fall 2022 semester schedule. 

The event featured a “dialogue” between Holtz and Stenhouse, a question and answer session, and featured Deans Bacon, Sugarman, Holtz and Stenhouse as speakers. A Carlos & Gabby’s dinner was served to the attending students.

“I’m looking forward to serving Yeshiva University in my capacity as a researcher and a member of the faculty,” Holtz shared with The Commentator.

As dean, Holtz broadened the YC core curriculum to give more flexibility and choices to undergraduate students and oversaw promotions and tenure appointments for faculty, two areas he pointed to as his proudest achievements.

Stenhouse sees much work ahead of him as dean, with a focus on evaluating lessons learned during the pandemic, such as virtual learning, to best support students. Additionally, YC will look to grow in the future, using recommendations from Middle States, a college accrediting group, which is scheduled to visit next year. The provost’s office is currently preparing a report for their upcoming visit, Stenhouse shared.

“Dean Holtz’s are big shoes to fill,” Stenhouse told The Commentator, “but I look forward to working with the faculty, Dean Bacon and Dean Sugarman.”

Administration members are excited about Stenhouse’s promotion. “Dr. Stenhouse is tremendously well-regarded by Faculty and students, a first-rate academic and someone who has led the Academic Standards Committee for the past three years,” Associate Dean for Student Affairs Fred Sugarman shared. 

He continued, “He knows Yeshiva College and is truly devoted to the faculty and students. His appointment represents a strong vote of confidence in the future of the College.”

Photo Caption: William Stenhouse (right) will replace Shalom Holtz (left) as associate dean for academic affairs for YC.

Photo Credit: The Commentator