By: Rivka Bennun  | 

Spring 2022 Beren Election Results Released

Beren student council election results were released on Friday, May 13, a day after the student body on Beren Campus cast their votes. Polls were open until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 12 and results were sent to Beren students late Friday morning. 

The Beren Election Committee, which oversees the student government committees, did not release the vote totals. The following are the results from the Beren elections: 

SCWSC President: Meital Lindenberg

SCWSC Vice President of Academic Affairs: Avygayl Zucker 

SCWSC Vice President of Clubs: OPEN

SCWSC Vice President of Programming: OPEN 

SCWSC Vice President of Public Relations: Amanda Poupko

SYMSSC President: Yael Levy 

SYMSSC Vice President of Clubs: Miriam Sternberg

SYMSSC Vice President of Public Relations: Mila Krugman 

TAC President: Hannah Adler 

TAC Vice President of Chesed: Rachel Piontnica

TAC Vice President of Public Relations: Sadie Engelsohn 

TAC Vice President of Shabbat: Gillian Herszage 

TAC Vice President of Speakers: Racheli Schachter 

Senior Class President: Natalie Barbanel 

Senior Class Vice President: Rebecca Aduculesi 

Junior Class President: Etty Goldstein 

Junior Class Vice President: Keren Raskin 

Sophomore Class President: Lior Morgenshtern 

Sophomore Class Vice President: OPEN 

In an email to the student body, the Beren Election Committee stated that the open positions will be up for re-election in the fall.