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Kahan Named 101st Editor In Chief, Jonas to be Managing Editor

Ariel Kahan (YC ‘24) has been selected to be the 101st editor in chief of The Commentator for the 2022-23 academic year by outgoing Editor-in-Chief Sruli Fruchter (YC ‘22). Fruchter reached out to Kahan at the end of March to discuss the transition, which will officially take place May 11.

Kahan, a rising junior and political science major, came to YU after spending a year and a half at Yeshivat Har Etzion. He began writing for The Commentator his first semester on campus in Spring 2021. By the end of his first semester, he was promoted to the position of junior opinions editor under Naftali Shavelson. In November 2021, he was promoted to senior features editor. 

“As a writer and editor, Ariel is creative, intelligent and passionate,” shared Fruchter. “His experience in the news, opinions and features represent his breadth of journalistic experience. Under his leadership, the Features section thrived, with high-quality content, wide readership and immense growth. There is no question in my mind that Ariel should be leading the paper next year.”

Kahan shared that his passion for journalism blossomed during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when he moved beyond the sports section and began reading the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Bergen Record to fill the extra time he had. 

“Ariel has always been an avid reader of newspapers,” attested Kahan’s parents when asked for a comment. “For many years he focused mainly on the sports section, but in recent years we have seen how voraciously he devours news and opinion pieces.” 

Kahan is looking forward to assuming the role. “I am honored and humbled to be promoted to this great position,” he shared. “I would like to specifically thank Sruli, who is the best mentor a person can ever ask for. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to fill the shoes that he left, but being able to learn from him is one of the greatest privileges in my YU career. Additionally, I want to thank everybody in my life who has helped along the way and can’t wait to work with the rest of our amazing staff next year.”

The position of managing editor for next year will be held by Seffi Jonas (YC ‘23). The rising senior and English major started writing for The Commentator this year, and was soon promoted to the editorial board as a junior opinions editor. 

“I’m obviously really excited to work with Ariel,” Jonas commented. “He’s not only an extremely talented editor, but he also has great ideas to improve the paper and the school. He is a huge asset for this paper and for YU more broadly. Coming from the opinions section, I hope the paper will be the ideological home for lovers of YU, but also for people who want to pitch their ideas on where YU can improve. We want this paper and this school to be top tier.”

“Consistently recruiting and editing diverse and important articles, he strengthened the Opinions section as a platform for the community's voice,” said Fruchter about Jonas. “Outside of his formal work, Seffi cares deeply about YU. He is the editor for the managing editor job.” 

Outgoing Managing Editor Daniel Melool (YC ‘22) also expressed his support for the board. “Having worked with everyone on the incoming editorial board, I have full confidence that they will continue the indispensable work that makes The Commentator so crucial to the student body,” he said. 

Kahan will be replaced by Rivka Bennun (SCW ‘24) as senior features editor. Other senior editors of the 2022-23 board include Jonathan Levin (YC ‘24) as senior news editor, Avigail Greenberg (SCW ‘24) as senior opinions editor and Aliza Leichter (SSSB 23) as senior business editor. Leichter will be the Business section’s first Beren editor.

“The Commentator is an avenue to serve the institution and community we call home,” said Fruchter. “Next year's board is composed of YU's finest journalists and students who are ready, willing and able to embrace this important responsibility. With God's help, they should find unbound success.”

Photo Caption: Incoming Editor-In-Chief Ariel Kahan (right) and Managing Editor Seffi Jonas (left) 

Photo Credit: The Commentator