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We Asked, Y(O)U Answered: Purim Sameach

Every year, Yeshiva University plans exciting and ambitious Purim events on campus for students to partake in. Along with this, many students and Rabbeim plan out great meals and activities for Purim. This provides students with numerous options and ways to celebrate Purim. As a result, The Commentator reached out to several students, asking them about where and how they celebrated Purim this year, and if this year’s Purim was unique compared to previous years.   

Miryam Serfaty (Katz ‘24)

Business Management 

“I was in the Heights at night and during the day over Purim this year. I went to a lot of different friends’ apartments throughout the chag and had a great time with many friends. 

“I can definitely say that Purim this year was better and more exciting than last year.”

Amit Ben Shoshan (Katz ‘25)


“I was on campus throughout Purim this year. I celebrated by hanging out with friends and going to a bunch of seudot hosted by Rabbeim. 

“This year’s Purim was very unique and special to me. I got to experience being at my Rabbi’s seudah for the first time ever, and I got to hang out with a lot of different friends both new and old as well.”

Ella Aaron (SCW ‘24) 


“I spent Purim in the Heights, at night, and at home, during the daytime. I celebrated by eating, partying, and spending quality time with people I am close to. 

“This Purim was amazing! It was my first Purim on campus … I had also never attended a woman-led megillah reading, which turned out to be beautiful.”

Gavriel Factor (YC ‘25)

Undeclared Pre-Law/Business 

“I was at YU for Purim this year. As an out of town student with not many options where to go, I celebrate Purim at YU. It was a beautiful Purim, with friends, Rabbis, and the YU community filled with lots of singing, dancing, and the YU spirit. Seeing all the different Purim costumes, such as JSS guys dressing up as YP guys and doing the 4 mitzvot of Purim with my YU community was a great way to spend my Purim. 

“This year's Purim was extremely unique compared to other years. I was away from my family and my community which was a change.”

Anthony Jonathan Lallouz (YC ‘22)


“I was in the Heights and Brooklyn for Purim this year. I celebrated Purim at Yeshiva University’s party, Rabbi Shippel’s place and at my family in Brooklyn.

“It was a very exciting and activity-filled Purim this year which made it amazing!”

Photo Caption: Purim on Wilf Campus 

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University