By: Ethan Schuman  | 

We Asked Y(O)U Answered: Chag HaSuperbowl

As society is slowly returning to normal after the pandemic, one of the things people were finally able to do again was watch and celebrate the Super Bowl. At YU as well, many students have different and unique ways of doing this. Furthermore, as the Super Bowl has many entertaining aspects to it, every student has their own favorite parts. As a result of this variability, The Commentator reached out to several students, asking them where they watched the Super Bowl this year and what was their favorite part.

Benjamin Rozsa Groo (SSSB ‘24)


“I am an international student so this was my first time watching the game. I found it very entertaining and enjoyable to see so many people who are passionate about the festivities. 

I watched the game on campus at YU with friends. It is hard to compare the Super Bowl to any other type of experience I had but it was exciting being there.”

Dini Hirschfield (SSSB ‘23)

Business Management 

“I did not watch the Super Bowl for that long, because I had a lot of school work to do. I was also working on my shift at the Seforim Sale part of the time so there was not really that much time for me to watch it.

Although I did not watch most of the game, I was able to enjoy the excitement of the halftime show.”

Jonathan Safier (YC ‘23)


“I watched the Super Bowl with some of my EMT friends. My favorite part was definitely the food! Watching the Super Bowl is fun and all, but rarely do you have a BBQ that big. We of course had burgers and hotdogs, but we also had chicken and subs. We went all out! We should not have done anything less for an event like this.

This year’s Super Bowl was unique, because I had never spent it with these people before and they brought a different kind of fun and excitement to the event.”

Eliezer Benjamin (YC ‘23)


“I watched the game at an apartment with a bunch of my really good friends. As a Lions fan and a Detroit native, my favorite parts of the game were Matthew Stafford finally winning a Super Bowl and Eminem being on stage during the halftime show. Also, the food we had was great and the general atmosphere was awesome!

This Super Bowl  was unique, because I finally got to witness Matthew Stafford win his first Super Bowl (even if it was not with the Lions).”

Shmuel Aberman (SSSB ‘24)

Business Analytics

“This year, instead of watching the Super Bowl, I decided that I was going to work at the Seforim Sale. I really enjoyed the calm and peaceful experience that deciding not to go to a Super Bowl party brought. While others were screaming over the awful calls or the amazing catches I was able to talk with all of the others who were working at the Seforim Sale with me without stressing over the game.

While I usually would watch the Super Bowl with my friends or family, I decided to not watch the Super Bowl this year and it was a great decision to remove the stresses and emotions that watching the Super Bowl causes. I was able to interact with others and also catch up on my homework and practice my project for business communication.”