By: Abigail Lerman  | 

From the SSSB President’s Desk: Failure Is Never an Option

​​From the time that I was young, I have been known for my unrelenting determination. Whether handing my shiny black Mary Janes with the Velcro closure to my parents and insisting “Shoes, outside!” as a toddler; scheduling a lunch meeting with my teacher to advocate moving up to the highest reading group as a second-grader; or convincing the security guards at the AIPAC Policy Conference to allow me to sit alongside the major donors so that I could get a front-row view of the Presidential candidates as a sophomore in high school, I’ve always had a sense of what I wanted and the motivation to not give up until I achieved my intended goal.

While the adjectives “strong-willed,” “determined” and “persistent” certainly described me as a child, the very same qualities have evolved over time into “ambitious,” “goal-oriented” and “driven.” As a college student double majoring in accounting and strategy and as the Sy Syms School of Business Student Council president, I am convinced these intrinsic characteristics have been responsible for fueling my success and opening professional doors and opportunities.

However, while tenacity and grit may be hardwired into my DNA, I truly believe that anyone can achieve success. Whether you are preparing for a challenging exam, submitting your resume for a coveted internship, or interviewing for your ultimate “dream job,” all you need to do is adopt a mindset that eliminates failure as an option. 

To start, trade in an approach or perspective that could be characterized as “average,” “indifferent” or “lackluster” for one that shouts “bold,” “resilient” and “fearless.” 

Next, visualize your own success and internalize the belief that you already possess the necessary ability, resources and ambition to turn your goals into reality.

Then, keep your eye on the prize as you assert the confidence necessary to put your name in the hat to be considered for new opportunities, to cold call prospective employers to grow your professional network, or to take a risk as you create your own innovative start-up. And whatever you do, don’t give up! If challenges present themselves along the way (and they will!), remember that you have what it takes to achieve your goals, even if the process requires some creativity, persistence and patience!

You will get there! Just keep in mind that YOU possess the ability to create a successful outcome simply by never abandoning your positive mindset and drive for success. As Alex Banayan, the author of “The Third Door,” teaches “when you change what you believe is possible, you change what becomes possible.” As you continue to pursue your professional career through your time as a student at Yeshiva University, I hope that you discover that all you believe becomes possible and that you always embrace the philosophy that failure is never an option!

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