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From the Commie Archives: Caf Troubles

Editor’s Note: Over the course of the year, the cafateria on both the Beren and Wilf campuses have raised their prices leading to some frustration among students. Below are a pair of articles demonstrating past problems with the caf along with the administration addressing some of these problems.  

Title: From the Commie Archives (May 8, 1985; Volume 99, Issue 3) — Students Stage Boycott Of University Cafeteria 

Author: Commentator Staff

The student bodies of Yeshiva University and Yeshiva University High School held a boycott of the University cafeteria during lunch, Wednesday, November 28. The protest, sponsored by Yeshiva’s Student Council, was planned after council learned that the administration would not allow its vending machines to be installed in the Furst Hall student lounge. 

Mr. Rappaport pointed out that the protest was against administration repeated non-recognition, of council’s demands and rights, rather than an objection to just one particular administrative act. He cited the fact that rooms in the new building were promised for Co-op, Masmid, and council, and that these proposed facilities were suddenly taken away. 

Student Council at its last meeting voted unanimously to protest against the administration by staging a luncheon boycott. Mr. Rappaport called a meeting of council the next day.

Tuesday evening November 27, final and specific arrangements for the protest were outlined. Letters explaining the reasons for the boycott were mimeographed and distributed to students. Posters asking for complete cooperation with council were drawn up and placed throughout the school.  Mr. Rappaport also sent a delegation of council members to the high school dormitory to inform the students and ask their support.  


Title: From the Commie Archives (December 5, 1985; Volume 100, Issue 3) — Food Services Improve at Yeshiva

Author: Mark Schwartz 

The Yeshiva College Food Services Committee met last week to examine the possibilities for improvement in the University's food services. The committee, led by Dr. Efrem Nubnan, Associate Dean of Students, and Howard Rosenberg, Assistant Director of Food Services, includes YC students, and was established in response to increased pressure to improve food services at the Cafeteria. 

Many students had requested that the cafeteria extend its evening hours; as a result, the cafeteria is now open for an additional three hours, between 8:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m., Monday through Wednesday. At this time, the cafeteria provides “fast food” items such as egg rolls, hot dogs, and hamburgers at reasonable prices. Student response to this innovation has been extremely positive. Howard Rosenberg said that the “utilization of the cafeteria’s extra programs will lead to continued services.” Dr. Nulman added that “the passing of these new plans need the participation of students to set the path for future operations.” 

Mr. Rosenberg said that “he welcomes all forms of criticism and suggestions,” commenting that given the extensive patronage of the cafeteria by YC students, it is no wonder that it presents such a major source of concern. He added that “although it is impossible to satisfy all the students consistently,”  he estimates that a vast majority of students were happy with the changes and generally satisfied with the cafeteria services.

The Food Services Committee is presently considering other ideas for improving cafeteria services. Among them is a “script plan” designed to provide a discount of 15-20% on food purchases. Under the plan, there will be a $3.50 special item on sale at all times even if it means reducing a higher priced item. In addition, a Sunday fast food service is planned to begin shortly. Plans to set up a “Mini Cafeteria” on the 12th floor in the Belfer Science Building are also being considered. This would serve three functions: greater convenience for graduate school students and faculty, shorter lines in the main cafeteria, and it will provide the students with a greater variety of places to eat.