By: Ethan Schuman  | 

We Asked Y(O)U Answered: Expectations for Coming Semester

At the beginning of every semester at Yeshiva University, every student comes in with their own set of expectations and goals for themselves that they want to achieve. However, each student’s expectations and goals could vary tremendously from each other, ranging from achieving a high GPA to having successful relationships. Furthermore, many students have new expectations and goals compared to previous semesters on campus.  As a result of this variability, The Commentator reached out to several students, asking them what their expectations and goals for this semester are, and what similarities and differences they predict to see this semester compared to the last one.

Jacob Katz (YC ‘24)


“I expect it to be a crazy but exciting semester. There will be a lot of work. I am ready though to take it on. This semester has a heavier course load compared to last semester. I am more ready though going in as I have become more comfortable with the YU learning experience.

I wish, this semester and throughout the rest of my time at YU, to gain a deeper understanding of the different aspects that make up the world of psychology. I want to learn more about the different lenses through which each person can look at the world.” 

Yitzchak Tollinsky (YC ‘24)


“I am expecting this semester to be similar to my previous ones. I hope to work hard and hopefully will do well. I have got to keep up with my work and show up to class and that should set me up well. I do not think it should be so different from before. There will be less football to distract me now though.

I do not have any particular goals or ambitions, just to do well in my classes, have a good time, and get to know my classmates better after being so long on Zoom.”

Racheli Jian (SCW ‘25)


I expect myself to learn how to more effectively study and take notes in classes. I also have a goal to start a club. Lastly, I hope to make more connections with my professor. Last semester, I was a first semester freshman so I was very unsure about almost everything. I think this semester I know myself a little bit better and I will be able to succeed because of this. I expect that this semester and last will be the same in the types of courses. Since I’m a freshman they will most likely consist of gen eds.

I have a goal of trying to start a club, meet new people, and take classes I enjoy and find interesting.”

Asher Martin (SSSB ‘24)

Business Management 

“I expect to push myself this semester and excel in all my secular studies. This semester is all in person compared to my first semester which was online. This means I will be able to finally be in a real classroom setting and develop stronger connections with my professors.

My primary goal for this semester and my entire time in college is to achieve the highest GPA I can possibly get.”

Moishe Rechester (SSSB ‘25)


“I expect to succeed in my studies and all the work I do. Also, even though I will be taking different classes and professors, I predict that my classmates for the most part now, and in future semesters as well, will be the same.

I want to be able to have a declared major by the end of the year hopefully.”