By: Sruli Fruchter and Yonatan Kurz  | 

YU Announces Israel-Based Academic Programs for SSSB, Graduate Students Beginning In Fall 2022

Yeshiva University is launching a pilot series of Israel-based academic programs for qualifying undergraduate and graduate students beginning in the upcoming academic year, in addition to summer programs, Dean of the Undergraduate Faculty of Arts and Sciences Karen Bacon emailed students on Wednesday, Dec. 8. The initiative is called “Torat Tziyon Pilot Programs,” a reference to YU’s Five Torot campaign

The email, attributed to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Selma Botman, explained that the undergraduate program is only for juniors and seniors in the Sy Syms School of Business, and will have live, separate-gender classes with an accessible beit midrash for Fall 2022. In Spring 2023, however, students will only be allowed to complete an internship for credit. It appears that the program will be at YU’s Israel Campus in Jerusalem. 

Regarding Yeshiva College and Stern College for Women students, Botman wrote that YU is “exploring options” for them to join the program in the future. Makor students and students in the Masmidim Honors program are ineligible for this program.

A separate program is available for graduate students in YU’s online master’s programs, only if they are alumni of one of YU’s undergraduate programs. Graduate students will also have access to housing in Israel, though it is unclear where that will be. Botman added that “information on the graduate school program will be announced in the coming weeks.” 

Both programs, she wrote, will have activities and Shabbat programming. Participating students in either program cannot be residents of Israel.

On Oct. 14, Botman emailed undergraduate students asking them to complete a survey about finishing their senior year in Jerusalem. “Your responses will help us craft a program that will meet the needs and aspirations of YU students,” she wrote. The email was signed by herself, Bacon, SSSB Dean Noam Wasserman and Katz School Dean Paul Russo.

The Torat Tziyon program is also launching numerous summer experiences, in wake of the debut of the YU Israel Summer Internship program this past summer, as well as the long-time Bar Ilan summer program, Counterpoint Israel and archaeological fieldwork.

The university also added a website that will contain future information about these programs, Botman wrote, noting that “these program concepts remain under development and are subject to change and/or required approvals.” 

“These pilot programs will continue to strengthen our connections with Israel by providing students — especially those interested in pursuing careers in Israel or making aliyah — the full YU experience while spending some time in Israel,” Botman wrote in the Dec. 8 email. “These new programs will further enhance our students’ ability to build and refine core leadership and market-ready skills, while working closely with our faculty, staff and alumni.”

Photo Caption: YU’s Israel-based campus

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University