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We Asked Y(O)U Answered: Light Up the Night!

Jews across the globe celebrate Hanukkah with their own unique activities. YU also aims to create a fun and exciting atmosphere with programming for all students to partake in, such as a movie night, a mesiba, and for the first time this year, a “takeover” of the American Dream Mall. Each individual student spends their time on Hanukkah in their own specific way whether with partaking in YU’s activities or simply spending time with friends and family. The Commentator reached out to students, questioning them on how they felt about YU’s Hanukkah programming and what special activities they had planned for the holiday. 

Charles Tokayer (SSSB ‘23)


“I do not have much planned yet in terms of special activities, but I will most likely spend significant time with my friends and family. Whatever festive activities my friends decide to do throughout the week is what I will end up doing as well. I will be happy celebrating with them, whether or not they decide to attend the YU events occurring throughout the week. However, I do intend to go to the American Dream Mall event, because it sounds amazing!

“Based on how strange last year was at YU, and how even then the Hanukkah programming was great, I am sure they will do a fantastic job and provide us with an amazing Hanukkah experience.”

Molly Cate (SCW ‘23)


“I am planning on spending quality time with my friends and family. Hanukkah is a holiday I have always enjoyed sharing with others, especially with my family. I also hope to enjoy some of the exciting events that Stern has to offer.

“I think that the YU takeover at the American Dream Mall is very exciting. I have never participated in anything like that. Everything else on the schedule is a good opportunity to spend time with my peers, so I am very excited about that!” 

Levi Paris (SSSB ‘23)

Digital Marketing

“I am not sure of all the events YU is doing besides the American Dream Mall event (which I definitely plan on going to), but I will go to various events I hear about throughout the holiday, based on what others are doing. I am excited though to go to a fun closing event on the last night of Chanukah with my friends, in midtown, and the special JSS shabbaton.   

“Although I do not know about all the events YU is doing this year for Hanukkah, I have heard from others that Hanukkah at YU is a highlight of the year. Although I am excited for all the events, I am annoyed that we have classes on Hanukkah and I feel it takes away from the festivities.”  

Renee Lisbon (Katz ‘24)

Business Management 

“I plan on lighting the menorah, playing dreidel, planning and partaking in amazing activities, and spending quality time with my close friends throughout the holiday. I am looking forward to all of the fun, festive, activities I have planned with my friends this coming week.  

“I think the programming YU has is very good in general. I am very excited for all the events they have this year, spanning the entire week this time, especially the YU takeover at the American Dream Mall.”   

Michael Edelman (YC ‘23)

Computer Science

“I plan on attending all the exciting events YU has for us this year, including the mesibah on Monday night, the American Dream event, and the ‘out of town’ oneg.“I think the Hanukkah programming YU has planned is great. It honestly could not be better. YU has enough programming that enables students to feel the chashivus (specialness) of Hanukkah while at the same time not too much where you have to choose between school and Hanukkah.”

Photo Caption: Hanukkah Menorah

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University