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Stressed? Need a Gift? The Commentator Staff Is Here To Help

With Chanukah rapidly approaching, crunch time for gift-giving has arrived! Finding the perfect gift can be a stressful endeavor. Luckily, The Commentator staff is here to help. 

Each Commentator editor and staff writer had the chance to share a gift they think is a winner for the Chanukah. Here they are:

Sruli Fruchter (Editor-in-Chief)

Bamboo Book Stand - $14.41

Books are great, but without a stand to support them, they're just a nicely-bound set of pages. This bamboo book stand is the perfect holder for all your literary interests, whether that's a yeshiva-favorite like Talmud Bavli or something a bit more "daring" like Dostoevsky. Regardless, books deserve a place to stand, and your neck deserves a break. This stand has served me well, and this Chanukah, it can do the same for you.

Daniel Melool (Managing Editor)

Pocket-Sized United States Constitution - $9.95 

Have you wondered how you can stand out in a crowd and look sophisticated? Look no further! The pocket Constitution will do the trick. This document is easy to read and is easily accessible as it fits right in your (well, it’s in the name) pocket. In addition, it will also make you seem more intelligent.

Who knew such a small item could be such a personality and intelligence enhancer?! So, my fellow Americans (and non-Americans for that matter), proclaim liberty while enhancing your image. 

Jonathan Levin (Junior News Editor)

Marble-Composition Notebook & Pack of Ballpoint Pens - Notebook $2.53, Pens $1.29

Do you have a classmate who spends most of their hard-earned tuition money playing 2048 or solitaire in class? If you do, then a cheap composition notebook and a pack of ballpoint pens will make a perfect gift for them. For the price of a few dollars, your gift can ensure that your classmate will make the best possible return off of their tuition money. (This gift is ideal for Syms students who invest in stocks or cryptocurrency)

Naftali Shavelson (Senior Opinions Editor)

MoMA Water Bottle - $28

Know what’s important? Staying hydrated. Know what’s even more important? Looking sophisticated. Luckily, those two noble goals no longer need to be mutually exclusive. Enter the MoMA Water Bottle. It’s a reusable water bottle, but instead of being blank, boring and unadorned, it’s decorated with the logo of New York’s (second) most venerable art institution. “It keeps water cooks [sic],” exclaims verified buyer Janet in a glowing five-star review. With an endorsement like that, surely you should look no further for your next water holding accessory. Discard (or ideally recycle) your plebeian Poland Spring bottle today and head to the MoMA online store for an instant upgrade to your aesthetic, salubrity and general happiness.

Yoni Mayer (Staff Writer)

AMC A-List Subscription - $25

I know what you're thinking: Why would I get someone a Chanukah gift they were most likely about to get themselves? Now, that is a fair question, but why not take the risk and give it to them anyway? With this amazing gift, people will be able to see three movies per week in any AMC theater, in any format (that's right, IMAX included). Before you drop your refillable Slurpee from excitement, let me make that sound even better. A movie in an AMC theater in the city is about $24. The AMC subscription is only $25 FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH! So do the math with me; if your gift recipient sees just two movies per month, the gift is worth it. Also, someone who hasn't bought the subscription themselves probably isn't as film-oriented as you. So not only will you give them a trip to the theaters, you'll also be able to be that annoying cinephile friend who preps them with every detail of the movie they're about to see, like who the screenwriter and cinematographer are, details that no average filmgoer cares about. It's a win- win! This Chanukah, you won't just be giving someone an AMC A-list subscription; you'll be giving them the magic of the movies.

Yonatan Kurz (Staff Writer)

​​Book Darts - $15

A reference marker that doesn't fall out like bookmarks or over conspicuously stick out like Post-Its, Book Darts are a great gift item for any student in YU, serving as a clean, practical, and reliable way to highlight and look back on specific points of any book. Be it a sefer or a syllabus, these line markers point directly at lines in a book, as opposed to the entire page, all without damaging the book, falling out of place, or needing to be thrown out. And with 125 book darts for only $15, you'll never have to buy another set again — until you decide it's the perfect present to give to others.  

Elishama Marmon (Staff Writer)

Enacfire E60 Earbuds - $44

If you're looking for a high-quality, cheap and comfortable pair of earbuds, these are the way to go. I've tried a half dozen other earbuds, all of which were more expensive, and not one of them, including the vaunted and overpriced Airpods, delivered nearly the quality they do. The battery life is eight hours, with 40 more in the case, which allows one to use them for hours a day on a daily basis. They are also IPX8 waterproof, meaning they can be submerged in water and come out unscathed. They fit my ears perfectly, have a great sound quality and are generally the best pair of earbuds I've ever owned. When I lost my last pair, I wanted to upgrade to a fancier, more expensive and potentially noise-canceling pair. I tried one after another, but after several miserable weeks of hurt ears and earbuds dying on me or just not working, I realized the error of my ways and bought another pair. I should never have doubted.

Gilad Menashe (Junior Features Editor)

Floating Shelves - $20

The perfect gift to make a boring apartment a bit more exciting. These shelves could be placed in your living room, bedroom or anywhere else and can hold anything from books to plants to some beverages and could be the perfect decor for your new place!

Shlomit Ebbin (Senior News Editor)

Bryant Side Chairs - $225

Black Friday plus Chanukah sale equals an unbeatable deal for these aluminum metal chairs! Other happy customers include the Kushner Cafeteria, Le Bistro, the Heights Lounge and Nagels. These chairs create a beautifully clanky atmosphere during breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the music of them crashing from the weight of a five-pound knapsack sounds like the symphony of a heavy metal band. Get these in bulk and they should last a lifetime!

Akiva Levy (Staff Writer)

Dunkin Gift Card 

It’s Dunkin —no questions asked.

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