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Security Amped Up On Beren Campus After Students Experience ‘Unease’ Around Midtown

Beren Campus recently heightened its security after receiving reports of uncomfortable “encounters between students and pedestrians in the campus vicinity,” according to an email byYU security sent to Beren students on Friday, Nov. 19. 

The email outlined the updates for Beren Campus security, such as an increased number of security guards, extended hours that a uniformed NYPD Officer is on campus and the reinstitution of the local shuttle. The shuttle, which has not been operating since before COVID, will now run on Beren Campus from 5-11 p.m. during the week to transport students between various buildings. The email also reminded students of their ability to request a security accompaniment when walking between buildings. 

Students reported that outside the 215 Lexington building a few weeks ago, a man was repeatedly shouting “Holocaust.” Other students alleged that they recently heard a pedestrian who appeared “mentally ill” mutter antisemitic remarks as they walked past him. 

Max Friedman (YC ‘24) recounted that on Nov. 13, Friday night, he and another student were walking toward Brookdale Residence Hall when a “guy who looked really angry” — who Friedman believed was homeless and possibly “drunk or high” — threw a pair of scissors at them. Neither student was hurt, and they reported the event to a security guard in 245 Lexington immediately after. These incidents follow increased numbers of homeless people in Midtown during the pandemic, many of whom suffer from mental illnesses. 

“We remain committed to our mission to provide a safe campus community where students live and learn in an environment where they feel secure,” YU Security wrote in its email.

YU has previously heightened security on account of past situations in NYC. On May 21, YU announced that it would increase security measures on both campuses due to the spike in antisemitic violence locally and across the U.S. The university said that it would be in close contact with the NYPD and that personnel would be available to escort students around campus. 

“I appreciate YU's decision to reinstate the local shuttle,” shared Avigail Schiff (SCW ‘23), an RA who used the shuttle after it was reinstituted. “It's nice to have the option to visit friends in other dorm buildings and know that if it's late, if there is a security incident or if there's a weather situation, the shuttle is an option.”

Photo caption: Beren Campus

Photo credit:  Yeshiva University