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We Asked Y(o)U Answered: Shabbat Experience on Campus

As life at Yeshiva University returns to normalcy following the COVID-19 pandemic, many new students are finally able to fully experience Shabbat at YU. Since many students have had significantly different experiences than others, The Commentator reached out to various students questioning them about their Shabbat experiences on campus. 

Moshe Wolberg (YC ‘23)

Computer Science

“I enjoy Shabbat on campus. I think that the core programming which is provided every week is all that I'm really interested in. The meals are very good, and I feel very much at home at the Minyanim. Further programming, however, current or potential, doesn't really interest me all that much. I like to do my own thing on Shabbat.

“I usually eat meals either in the Caf or more commonly at a friend's apartment. A significant amount of my time is spent hanging out with friends. In terms of Minyanim, I'll go to one of the YU offerings (whatever is convenient) or often to Shenk where there's a bunch of alumni that I'm friendly with. I also like to have space and time to myself during Shabbat - I spend time reading and then take a nap during the afternoon.”

Avraham Walkenfeld (YC ‘23)


YU has awesome Shabbos programming. There are many minyanim to choose from, the food is always great (speaking as a waiter), and there is always an interesting speaker. As a bonus, this past Shabbos they served Tofutti Cuties for dessert during the Shabbos day meal, which was one of the three pillars of my student council campaign last year (albeit for dessert at Shalosh Sheudas), so I say that I filled a campaign promise in a campaign that I lost. 

“I usually daven, eat, sleep, repeat. However, if there is an interesting speaker I try to go, and I usually try to find someone to take a walk with on Shabbos day.

Sigal Import (SCW ‘23)

Speech Pathology and Audiology 

“This year Shabbos on campus improved on so many levels. Now that more people are on campus, there is more of a community on Shabbos.  From Kabbalat Shabbat with a Minyan to meals at a set table to [schmoozing] at Seudat Shlishit, the Shabbos atmosphere is much more alive.  I'm so excited to meet more people and enjoy the future programming Stern and YU have to offer.

“Something I love about staying in on Shabbos is the amount of people I meet. I love meeting new people, and when I stay in, not only am I able to finally catch up with my friends, but I also have the opportunity to meet more. I spend Shabbos participating in the programming and mainly hanging out with friends.”

Tzvi Sabo (YC ‘22)


“Shabbos at YU is a very enjoyable experience and an opportunity to meet new people. There’s lots of singing during the meals and it is a truly uplifting weekend.
“I go to Beren as a ‘minyan man’. I have done it since my first year at YU three years ago. It’s an enjoyable experience just hanging out with 10 guys who you can get to know better and more easily than when surrounded by 40. I also enjoy ‘minyan men’ because it’s how I met many of my female friends who I am still close with to this day.”

Photo Caption: YU students praying with a minyan

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University