By: Sruli Fruchter  | 

We Asked Y(O)U Answered: Reflections on the Chagim

After a nearly month-long break for the chagim, we wanted to hear from students what their break was like. Inspiring? Relaxing? Disappointing? It’s a time filled with action-packed chagim from Rosh Hashanah to Simchat Torah, and each person’s personal experience comes with its own insight and perspective. 

Samuel Denker (SSSB ‘22)

Major: Finance

“This year, my chagim were worse than compared to the past, and it mainly differed because I had school on my mind because of the Zoom school over what, usually, is a break for students. I feel more connected to the chagim when there is no school on our ‘free days.’

It would have enhanced my chagim to not have had a class then. I find Pesach to be the most enjoyable, as I’m hoping not to have class during any part of the break.”

Madlen Kavian (SSSB ‘22)

Major: Finance, Management, Economics

“My chagim were much more stressful than in past years because of the remote days of class in between the break. They were totally unnecessary and made the holidays less enjoyable for me. I feel more connected when I can be carefree and don’t have to think about all the assignments I have due. No remote classes would have enhanced the chagim for me.”

Levi Paris (SSSB ‘23)

Major: Marketing and Management

“I had a great Sukkot because I stayed with family and was not pressured to be observant. Rosh Hashana was also amazing because Rabbi Orlian took me under his wing in Lawrence, and Rabbi Green also hosted me for a lunch meal.

“Unfortunately, I felt very out of place at Yom Kippur at YU, and the Glueck minyan was very crowded. Also, nobody wore a mask and that experience was uncomfortable for me and was hard to be around.

“Being around good people and families, getting fed healthy food definitely enhances my chag. My chag would have been enhanced ​​if I had access to the Caf and the gym at YU. I had to buy a gym membership somewhere else and needed to spend a lot of money just to get by this month.”

Baruch Lerman (YC ‘23)

Major: Biochemistry

“My chagim were amazing. I spent Rosh Hashanah at a HASC house in Brooklyn. Even though I wasn’t able to daven like I usually can, it was very meaningful to be there. The rest of the chagim were just as amazing.

“In terms of connecting to the chagim, I enjoy singing during davening, eating in the succah, spending time with friends and family, and of course the meaningful food; each yuntif has a food that is so closely connected to it in my mind and eating them always brings me back to my childhood.

“I think that if YU was able to have its Torah Tours program, that would have been really meaningful for the chagim. I’m sad that the COVID situation didn’t allow that despite so many people’s efforts.”

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