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University Statement

Editor’s Note: The following statement was sent to The Commentator following our recent publication of the article, “I Thought Rape Culture Didn’t Exist at YU — Until I Was Raped.” While we usually include university statements in news pieces, we have decided to publish this here.

Yeshiva University is dedicated to engaging everyone with respect and dignity while providing a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty, and the entire YU Community. To this end, we have extensive policies and procedures in place, required by Title IX, to address allegations of sexual misconduct in which all complaints are investigated fully and comprehensively. YU also conducts annual harassment and misconduct training for staff and students. While the law very clearly restricts what we are allowed to share to protect the parties involved,  we treat this and all allegations in a caring, sensitive, and compassionate manner. As is our standard practice in sexual misconduct complaints, we immediately retained independent investigators to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the allegations and a final determination was made based on a full evaluation of all available information.

Based on the advice of outside legal counsel, prior to delivery of the report, an NDA was signed by the parties in order to protect the confidentiality of the investigation and the integrity of the process.  The NDA did not in any way restrict any party from speaking about the incident or their experience.  In addition, at the beginning and throughout the process, the University informs all complainants that they can go to the police with the full support of the University.

This statement was updated on Aug. 26 to include the second paragraph of the statement, which the university added after The Commentator first published it.

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