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From The President's Desk: SCWSC An Unprecedented Opportunity

I am so excited to welcome all of you to campus this semester! Like most things lately, this semester is “unprecedented” in that the vast majority of YU students have never actually experienced campus life “as usual.” Only those who began their time at YU prior to Spring 2020 will recall the fight to secure a spot on the elevator or waiting in the never-ending line for the salad bar. That being said, this gives us a special opportunity to reinvent campus life. Instead of focusing on reverting back to pre-COVID routine, let us create a new atmosphere on campus — one where students get involved and make a difference.

I had the privilege of attending the Mechina Pathways Shabbaton last semester. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Mechina Pathways is a program for students who are new to Hebrew language and textual studies. Students spoke of their unique paths that led them to Stern, and it was incredible hearing how much they each appreciated all that YU has to offer. For many of these women, this was their first exposure to Jewish learning and being a part of a greater Jewish community, making all in attendance reflect on whether they recognize all that YU has to offer.

Last semester, many of us were able to return to campus thanks to the hard work of the administration, faculty and student council. Although there were many noticeable differences, (the elevators were strangely empty), it turned out to be an incredible year, largely due to the presence of the community. Instead of rushing out Thursday night, students stayed in for Shabbat — yes, even the in-towners. Meals became more intimate due to their limited capacity, and through these Shabbatot, people formed strong connections with one another. When we chose to come back to YU, we were choosing to invest in our college experiences. Your time at YU is limited, so what is stopping you from making the most of it?

Student council has already started to plan many events for the coming semester. We have spent the summer organizing a spectacular Welcome Back Week. Night activities and trips to New York City attractions are also in the works. We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Purim, Yom Ha’atzmaut and much more together, but we especially hope that you will come celebrate with us.

As we enter a year that we pray will be “normal,” I ask that we reflect upon the positive experiences that we had over the past year and a half. Instead of reverting campus culture back to the ways of pre-COVID, let us create a new atmosphere on campus. I can tell you from personal experience that the more involved you get on campus, the more you will enjoy your experience at YU. Find a club that interests you and apply for the board. Enhance campus life by joining the Student Life Committee. Show prospective students how much you care for YU by becoming a student ambassador. In whatever capacity, take advantage of your college experience!

If you have any questions regarding campus activities and how to get involved, feel free to contact Talia Leitner, SCWSC President, at or the Stern College for Women Student Council at

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