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We Asked, Y(O)U Answered: Hi! I’m a ____ Major

Unlike other American colleges, Yeshiva University is a place where most students graduate in three years. That means YU students have one less year to figure out their major and desired career path. For this article, The Commentator reached out to the student body to learn why they chose their major, whether they knew this was the subject they wanted to pursue before starting college and what helped them make their decision. The responses of six students are provided below.

Jonathan Wenger (YC ‘24)

Major: Computer Science

“I chose my major because I have a passion for math and computer science. I took computer science classes in high school and found that I really enjoyed it. Computer science is something that I’m skilled at and something I really enjoy working with, as it’s challenging and intellectually stimulating.

“That’s why I knew I wanted to major in computer science before I started YU. I chose it mainly because it’s an interest of mine, but it also helps that there are excellent career opportunities throughout both America and Israel. Additionally, hearing that YU has an excellent Computer Science Department was another good reason to major in it.”

Elisheva Goldman (SCW ‘21)

Major: Speech Pathology & Audiology

“I always knew I wanted to work with kids, and once I heard about this major, I thought I would really enjoy it as a career. I loved the intro class so I stayed in the major!

“I decided on my major after coming to YU. I love that [speech pathology] allows me to work in so many different kinds of settings and with so many different kinds of people. The major also combines science, English, education, and psychology, all of which I am interested in.”

Efrat Malachi (SCW ‘21)

Major: English, Media Studies 

“English, Media Studies checked off most of the boxes on my list for what I am skilled in and what I desire to do. It encompasses lots of basic communication skills that every company needs while having its own set of specialties or specific tracks, like PR, journalism, advertising, etc. It also blends many sides of me well, too.

“I figured out my major at the end of sophomore year through speaking with Naomi Kapp from the Career Center. She helped me narrow down and put a name to the many ideas/interests I have. It was a very helpful meeting that allowed me to articulate my passions and skills and also focus my energy toward the right pursuit/major.

“I chose my major mainly because it was an interest of mine. I work much more effectively when I’m working on something I deeply care about and find meaningful. It’s harder to motivate me and do well on a project that I have no connection to. My line of work has to be, personally, purposeful and productive in order to have stellar results.”

Jacob Shiner (SSSB ‘21)

Major: Accounting and Finance

“I decided I wanted to major in finance when I was 15 years old. This stemmed from following the stock market from the age of 13. I ultimately expected to work as a banker in a field like equity research. 

“I was forced into accounting as well. My dad and grandfather are accountants, so the accounting track was pushed on me with a threat from my dad of paying for my own tuition if I didn’t double major.

“Through my years in YU, I found that the finance major to be not up to par. There aren’t many good teachers and the courses are more theoretical than practical. Also, I was disappointed to find out that YU doesn’t help much with job placement on Wall Street. Looking back, I’m glad I took on accounting because I ended up liking the major more and will be working in accounting upon graduation.”

Michael Nissanoff (YC ‘21)

Major: Business of Medicine

“I created my shaped major entitled “Business of Medicine” to help bridge the gap between the two fields. Economics plays a vital role in the allocation of healthcare resources and can be used to create solutions to economic barriers by developing innovative, cost-effective practices, which allow access to healthcare both locally and around the world. Ultimately, this major is a stepping stone for me to achieve health policy changes that will expand healthcare to the underserved populations.

“When I first arrived at YU, I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field, but nothing beyond that. Witnessing the scarce medical care in Africa inspired my goal to create sustainable healthcare systems for the needy as no person should be denied any medical care.

“As someone who chose this major with future goals of practicing medicine and expanding the breadth, quality, and affordability of care to less fortunate communities, this major accomplished both objectives.”

Yannay Kaplan (YC ‘23)

Major: Biology

“I’m interested in medicine and health. I started YU with this interest, but my passion has grown stronger, especially because of Dr. [Radhashree] Maitra. I now have a stronger conviction to study it.

“I knew I wanted to major in the sciences, but I had to choose which one I wanted to delve into. I enjoy helping people, and the science of the human body interests me so biology made sense. At the same time, I was debating between biology and physics, and I didn’t want to go into business (most physics majors go into business in the end).”


Photo Caption: The Commentator reached out to the student body to learn why they chose their major.

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